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How to Get the Pegasus and Unicorn Skins for Phobos in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

by Larryn Bell

Although there are some nice horse armor sets for Phobos in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, some of the best horse customizations are those that transform Phobos into a mythical creature, such as a Unicorn or Pegasus. If you want to spruce up your mount’s appearance without settling for regular horse armor, you’re in luck. We’ll explain how to go about getting the Pegasus, Rainbow Unicorn, and Black Unicorn skins for Phobos in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

How to Get the Pegasus Skin 

The Pegasus is a legendary skin for your horse, Phobos. The Pegasus is a winged stallion that features an all-white horse body with a pair of feathered wings. Although the Pegasus skin doesn’t allow you to fly, it does prevent fall damage when leaping from high heights.

The Pegasus skin can be purchased within the in-game Helix Store for 750 Helix Credits. If you want your character to have matching legendary armor to go with the Pegasus skin, you can also purchase the Pegasos Pack for 1500 Helix Credits, which contains the Pegasus mount, a Pegasus-inspired gear set, and a sword.  

Another way to get the legendary Pegasus gear is by purchasing the items from Oikos of the Olympians if you’ve accumulated enough Orichalcum Ore. However, this isn’t the most reliable method, as Oikos’s stock resets each day, and there’s no way to tell if he’s going to sell the legendary gear you’re looking for.

How to Get Unicorn Skins

If you want to transform Phobos into a slightly different mythical creature, then perhaps you’ll want to seek out one of the Unicorn skins instead. There are a couple Unicorn skins to choose from in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, depending on the look you’re going for. 

  • Rainbow Unicorn Skin – The Rainbow Unicorn is an Epic skin for Phobos that can be purchased from the Blacksmith for 8,000 Drachmae (6,400 with the Tier 8 Mercenary discount). This skin consists of an all-white unicorn that leaves behind colorful hoof trails when running. The Rainbow Unicorn skin will spawn randomly in the inventory of any Blacksmith in the game, so you’ll have to periodically check with various Blacksmiths to see if they have the Rainbow Unicorn skin in stock. 
  • Black Unicorn Skin – For 500 Helix Credits, you can pick up the Black Unicorn skin for Phobos instead via the in-game Helix Store. This skin features a black unicorn that has a silver horn and white hoof trails. 

If you’re looking for a slightly hotter skin for Phobos, you may want to look into getting the legendary Abraxas skin, which transforms your horse into a fiery beast. For more gameplay tips and tutorials, visit our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide.

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