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How to Get an Offering for the Oracle in Destiny 2

by Josh Hawkins

As you complete the new content in Destiny 2: Forsaken, one of the tasks you’ll be given is to present an offering to the Oracle that you find near the Divalian Mists. When you first approach, it won’t be possible to present an offering to the Oracle, but that’s why we’re here. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know to complete this weekly task and start earning some new rewards along the way by getting an offering for the Oracle in Destiny 2.

How to Get an Offer for the Oracle

After you finish up the main campaign for Destiny 2: Forsaken, you’ll be able to access the Dreaming City  and start exploring the newest area in the Destiny 2 Directory. One of the many new things you can do in Destiny 2: Forsaken is present an offering to the Oracle, a mysterious alien artifact that will reward you with some new gear and a quest that will help you remove the Riven’s Curse from the Reverie Armor. So if you’re trying to remove the curse, you’re going to need to find yourself an offering and return it to the Oracle.

Finding your offering isn’t exactly difficult, however it can be a bit time consuming. There are a few prime steps you’ll need to complete, which we’ve outlined below:

  • Talk to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City.
  • Buy the Gateway Between Worlds bounty and complete it.
  • Take the offering you receive to the Oracle.

How to Complete Gateway Between Worlds

You can pick up this bounty by purchasing it from Petra Venj for 40 Dark Fragments. Once you get it, you’ll need to complete it. There’s still a bit unknown about this quest at the moment. Many players believe it may change each week. For now, you’ll need to simply check the requirements on the quest itself to see what you need to do to complete it.

When you’re ready, head out and complete the quest by fulfilling any requirements that it might have. This week you’ll need to complete the Blind Well once on each Tier. Once you do that, you can turn in the quest and receive the rewards from it, including an offering for the Oracle.

With the offering in hand, head back to the location of the Oracle and turn in the offering. This will reward you with some gear as well as the quest, Purification Ritual. To find the Oracle, head to the Divalian Mists and make your way straight through the riverbed, looking out for a tunnel on your left that is surrounded with blue crystals. Head through it and then follow the track around towards a massive temple.

Make your way inside the temple and you should find the Oracle inside. Now that you know how to get the offering and find the Oracle, head back to our Destiny 2 guides for even more in-depth help tackling all the secrets in Destiny 2’s latest expansion.


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