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How to Get NPCs in Terraria and Why You Want Them

by John Cooper

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game that has you slowly fighting against Cthulu while you also build nice houses so that people can come and live with you. It’s a little odd, but it is also incredibly good fun and rather complex. One of the first things you need to know in Terraria is how to get the NPCs to come and start selling you stuff. In order to help that we’ve put together a guide. 

How to Get the NPCs

The NPCs can be broadly split into a few different categories with the main two being Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode. Hardmode starts once a player has defeated the Wall of Flesh in a world and brings with it lots of new bosses, items, and NPCs. 


How to get NPCs before you defeat Wall of Flesh. They can still show up after if you’ve yet to meet them. 

  • Guide: Just start a new world – They give tips regarding the game itself
  • Merchant: All players in the world have at least 50 silver – Sells some tools and supplies
  • Nurse: If a player has more than 100 health – Heals you for a cost
  • Demolitionist: A player has an explosive in their inventory – Sells explosives 
  • Dye Trader: Arrives if someone has found anything used to make a dye as well as having beaten a boss – Sells dyeing items
  • Dryad: Defeat a boss other than King Slime or Wall of Flesh – Sells items relating to corruption, crimson, or hallow 
  • Tavernkeep: Beat the Brain of Cthulu or Eater of Worlds – Sells items relating to the Old One’s Army Event
  • Arms Dealer: Have bullets or a gun in your inventory – Sells guns and ammo
  • Stylist: Find her within a Spider Nest – Changes your hairstyle and sells hair dyes
  • Painter: Have 7 other NPCs – Sells paints and paintings
  • Angler: Found within the Ocean Biome – Gives fishing quests and rewards
  • Goblin Tinkerer: Defeat the Goblin Invasion then find within the cavern layer – Sells items including the Tinkerer’s Workshop and can reforge items
  • Witch Doctor: Kill Queen Bee – Sells shamanic items including summoner equipment
  • Clothier: Kill Skeletron – Sells vanity items
  • Mechanic: Find within the Dungeon – Sells mechanical items like wires
  • Party Girl: Have 13 other NPCs – Sells flashy effects and items


How to get NPCs after the Wall of Flesh has fallen. 

  • Wizard: Found within the cavern layer – Sells magical items
  • Tax Collector: Transform the Tortured Soul enemy with Purification Powder within the Underworld – Collects taxes from the other NPCs
  • Truffle: Build a house above-ground in a manmade Mushroom Biome – Sells mushroom-themed items
  • Pirate: Defeat the Pirate Invasion – Sells pirate-related items
  • Steampunker: Defeat The Twins, Skeletron Prime, or The Destroyer – Sells useful tech items
  • Cyborg: Defeat Plantera – Sells high-tech items
  • Santa Claus: Defeat the Frost Legion and he can be found 15-31 December – Sells Christmas items

That’s how to get NPCs to come and live with you and sell them things. To get them to actually move in you need to build a house that is all of the following: 

  • 5 Blocks tall not including the roof
  • 7 Blocks wide 
  • A solid floor
  • Have a wall in the background
  • Have a light source within it
  • Have a table (can be a workbench) 
  • Have a chair 
  • Have at least one door

As long as you have empty houses the NPCs will move in. It is worth remembering that you can build them atop each other and NPCs will still find their way inside, no matter how high. 

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