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How to Get New Cosmetic Items in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

by Lucas White

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most hilarious-looking games you can play today. From the moment you start a race in the first round of a new match, all the candy-colored jilly bean people are just too silly not to laugh at. That’s doubly the case when some of them are dressed up like hot dogs or animals. So if you’re new to Fall Guys, you may be wondering how you can dress up your little, jiggly bean friend like the other players. Turns out there are multiple ways to do so, and only some of them involve real money.

Fall Guys Cosmetics Guide

There are two main ways to get new cosmetics in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The game has the tried and true season pass, which nets you rewards for simply playing the game. In this case it’s especially nice, as unlike games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, you get access to the whole line of season rewards for free. All you have to do is earn “Fame,” which is basically just experience points, to go down the line and get prizes such as new cosmetics, as well as the two forms of currency in Fall Guys.

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The currency is used in the in-game store, which is where you’ll find additional cosmetic items not found on the season rewards track. Your primary currency is Kudos, which you can earn through the season rewards, but also pay for with real money. There are two tracks of items in the store, “Regular” and “Featured.” Featured items rotate out every 72 hours, while Regular items are on a 24 hour cycle. Some of the items require Crowns, which is a currency you only get from winning full matches. You can also get some Crowns through the season rewards, but only so many.

What’s also pretty cool about the cosmetic options in Fall Guys is how many there are. You can get cosmetic items in six different categories: Color, Pattern, Face, Upper, Lower, and Theatrics. With this combination of different parts and emotes, you can really set yourself apart from the other players if you spend a fair amount of time in the game.  In addition to the in-game store and rewards, you can also purchase a couple of DLC packs outside of the game to get a few more special cosmetics.

Do you have any favorite cosmetics in Fall Guys, or do you have a full outfit you like to use? Or are you a newer player and hoping to grind for a specific item you saw on the season rewards track? Is there anything you’ve seen another player with that you absolutely need? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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