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How to Get More Skill Points in Strange Brigade

by Josh Hawkins

One of the most powerful attacks you can make use of in Strange Brigade is your Amulet Power. This ability will often take down enemies in one hit or provide other important buffs for your party. If you want to unlock some additional Amulets in Strange Brigade you’re going to need to look into getting more Skill Points to purchase them. There’s only one way to get Skill Points in Strange Brigade, and we’ll show you everything you need to know. Read on to get your hands on more Skill Points in Strange Brigade and unlock new amulets.

How to Get More Skill Points

Considering the game is based around 1930s explorers, the way that you unlock new Skill Points makes perfect sense. While you can unlock weapons and other items like that using Gold, Skill Points themselves can only be unlocked by finding and completing sets of Relics throughout the Strange Brigade campaign.

You can view the various sets of Relics currently available in the game by heading to the Main Menu and then opening up the journal in the bottom left-hand corner. Here you can see the different Relic collections, including which Relics you have discovered and still have to discover. Each set contains four different Relics for you to find, each of which is hidden throughout one of the main campaign levels of Strange Brigade’s campaign. We’ve outlined the different sets of Relics below, so you know how much Relic collections you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Relics of Enlightenment
  • Relics of Sustenance
  • Relics of Nature
  • Relics of Protection
  • Relics of War
  • Relics of Divinity
  • Relics of Power
  • Relics of Eternity
  • Relics of Gods
  • Relics of the Swarm
  • Relics of Wonder
  • Relics of Seteki

Once you’ve obtained a full set of Relics, you can unlock a new Amulet. Amulets are powerful artifacts that unleash great power on your enemies. Once you unlock a Skill Point, head to the Inventory screen from the main menu and you can purchase your newest Amulet and equip it to get started using it.

Now that you know more about Relics, you can start looking for them out in the game world. You’ll know when you find one, because it will pop up a nice notification letting you know that you’ve acquired it. You can also always check the current status of your Relic collections from the Antiquities Journal at any point from the main menu. Make sure you head back over to our Strange Brigade guide for more helpful content, as well as an in-depth look at how to find all of the collectibles in the game.


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