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How to Get More Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes has finally arrived, bringing Nintendo’s iconic strategy series to life. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Orbs play an important part in the game’s various mechanics. In this article we’ll teach you how to get more orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. Many of you might have heard of a Fire Emblem Heroes Orb hack that has been making the rounds. We caution you not to download any third-party Fire Emblem Heroes APK or other files, as these items may contain malware that can be used to steal your private information.

How to Get More Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

There are currently several different ways that players can obtain more Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes. One of the easiest ways is to simply log in to the game. During the game’s initial launch, up until February 20, Nintendo is offering two free Orbs for each day that you log in to the game. So, if you don’t have time to play any battles, at least make sure you are logging in each day.

Another good way to earn Orbs is to complete each Chapter of the story on every difficulty available. This can be done by first completing the missions and chapters on Normal. Beating an entire chapter on Normal will unlock two new difficulty levels, Hard and Lunatic. Continuing through the chapter on these difficulty levels will reward players with even more precious Orbs, which they can then use to summon new heroes to their game. These heroes can then be used in each chapter and level as part of the player’s team.

Players can also complete special “Launch Celebration” matches, which can be accessed from the Special Maps section. Complete these maps on both Normal and Hard to earn a total of six Orbs.

Fire Emblem Heroes is also speckled with various quests and missions for players to complete. These quests range from things like defeating ten level 15 enemies to complete five rounds of a stratum in the Training Tower. You can learn more about the missions and quests you currently have available by interacting with the small statue in the bottom right hand corner of the Home screen within the game.

The final way to earn new Orbs is to link your My Nintendo account to Fire Emblem Heroes. This can be done quite easily, and once you have completed the task, you can obtain 10 free Orbs from the My Nintendo Points area, which can be found by pressing a small icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen when looking at the quests inside the application.

Players who are looking to get more Orbs and don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there can also purchase them, with Orbs being available in various amounts for different prices. The most Orbs you can purchase at once is 140, which will cost you around $74.99. If you only need a few, though, you can purchase 3 Orbs for just $1.99. 

That’s everything you need to know about Orbs and how to get them in Fire Emblem Heroes. You can learn more about the game using our handy Fire Emblem Heroes guide, which features in-depth articles to help you learn how to get more Stamina, how to use Hero Feathers and more.