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How to Get More Diamonds in Dead Island Survivors

by Josh Hawkins

Diamonds are a premium resource in Dead Island Survivors. If you can get more Diamonds in Dead Island Survivors, you can use them for speeding up weapon upgrades, character upgrades, and more. You’ll need to acquire these items quite a bit if you don’t want to deal with long cooldown timers, and we’ll show you several different ways to get more Diamonds in Dead Island Survivors, which will make your life in the game much easier.

How to Get more Diamonds

There are a few different ways that you can get your hands on more Diamonds in Dead Island Survivors, one of which is purchasing them outright with real money. If you aren’t looking to spend your hard-earned cash in the game, though, then you can resort to other ways.

Open Briefcases

One of the primary ways that you’ll get your hands on more Diamonds is by opening up Briefcases of loot, which are rewarded after you complete achievements, battles, and other events in Dead Island Survivors. These items contain not only Diamonds, but also traps and weapons for your characters to make use of. They’re the primary loot in the game, and while they don’t have the best percentage of giving out Diamonds, there is usually a pretty good chance of getting at least 5-10 Diamonds every few briefcases that you open up.

Complete Achievements

On top of opening up briefcases, you can also complete achievements, which will reward you with various items like Diamonds. These achievements can be found by clicking the small yellow icon beneath the Survivors Rescue notification on the main screen, up in the top left-hand corner. Click this, then open up the Achievements window by clicking on the Trophy icon. Here you can see the different achievements that you can complete. They range from things like:

Push 1 Zombie into a hole.

To things like:

Kill 50 Zombies using a blade weapon.

You can complete these achievements in any order that you want, so long as you complete them. Each one will track progress and will show you how many Diamonds you can expect from them. Make sure you’re always working towards these achievements if you want to unlock more Diamonds to use. Keep in mind, though, that most of these achievements won’t reward you with very many diamonds, so you will need to stay on top of them if you want to keep a steady supply of Diamonds coming in.

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