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How to Get More Battlebucks in Battlelands Royale

by Josh Hawkins

Battlelands Royale is a new free to play battle royale game for mobile devices that features intense, top-down action in a unique battle royale environment. As you play the game you can unlock new skins, emotes, and other items using in-game currency called Battlebucks. Because of this, a lot of players have been asking how to get more Battlebucks in Battlelands Royale. Lucky for you, today we’ll show you all the different ways that you can get more Battlebucks in Battlelands Royale.

How to Get Battlebucks

Getting Battlebucks in Battlelands Royale isn’t going to be easy, and if you aren’t willing to put down any real-world money, then you’ll need to be ready to grind. The good news is, the quick matches that take place in Battlelands Royale make it really simple and easy to grind up levels and earn new unlocks, which means you’ll be on your way to earning yourself fat stacks of Battlebucks really soon.

Level Up Club Royale Pass

Like Fortnite and even PUBG, Battlelands Royale has a pass of sorts that players can level up and unlock new rewards on. While there is a paid version of the Club Royale Pass, players will also find a free version of the pass in their game. Granted, the free version does not offer the same amount of items and other rewards that the paid version does, but it’s still a nice way to earn some rewards like Battlebucks everywhere few levels.

Purchase Battlebucks

One of the other main ways to get more Battlebucks in Battlelands Royale is to purchase them using real life money. There are a few different options here that you can choose from, though the most basic package will only reward you with enough Battlebucks to purchase one item. You can check out the prices for the Battlebucks in the image below.

Now that you know more about how to get Battlebucks, make sure you check out our Battlelands Royale guides for more useful information and tricks. You should also be sure to head over to our Battlelands Royale tips for some helpful pointers on getting started in this fast-paced and whacky battle royale experience.


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