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How to Get the Lumina Exotic In Destiny 2

by Liana Ruppert

It’s now July, which means a new wave of content is coming to Destiny 2 including the glorious new exotic weapon Lumina. After fans speculated wildly that this is the Rose Hand Cannon from the lore archives from the franchise, the desire to equip this bad boy for ourselves is high. For those looking to score the latest weapon, here’s how to get the Lumina exotic weapon in Destiny 2 when it drops on Tuesday. 

How to Unlock the Lumina Exotic in Destiny 2

The walkthrough comes courtesy of a Reddit dataminer on which quest lands this new weapon. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know: 

The Original Thorn

  • First things that players will need to do is find Dredgen Yor’s original Thorn hand cannon. This quest, according to both the datamine and Bungie themselves, will begin in the EDZ and that’s where Guardians will need to go in order to get the quest started. 

No Reloading

  • Players will be given a location for the original gun, tasking Guardians with not only total enemy annihilation but doing so without a single reload. According to the findings, this location is fluid and will be ever-changing.

Let the Cleansing Begin

  • Rose cannon in tow, players will then be tasked with using their Guardian’s Light to “cleanse” gun, which will be done through a series of activities all over the Destiny 2 universe. According to the Redditor, efficiency will increase if players group up and all have this gun equipped. 
  • The way the Redditor framed his findings, it looks like the beginning of the quest will be with the Rose and only upon completion will it become the Lumina. 

Will of the Thousands

  • Players will then need to complete the Will of the Thousands strike as they destroy void crystals specifically with the Rose. 


  • Hope you like PvP because the next step requires taking out other players with the Rose in addition to earning the “Not On My Watch” medal in Gambit. This also means that players have to kill invaders before they draw first blood, which is a unique challenge for those that usually stay away from the PvP aspects of Destiny 2. 

Finally, players will be then taking on various endgame activities such as Black Armory Forges and Blind Well, which means making sure that loadout is already impressive is key to success. For those that take on the weekly rituals, this also helps knock out two cabals with one exotic. 

As for the game itself, Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn even more about the game with our Hub right here

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