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How to Get the Hunting Party A.I.M. Robot Skin in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

We’re seven weeks into Fortnite Season 6, which means players can finally begin to unlock the mystery skin for the Hunting Party challenge. Due to a leak last week, we now know that the reward for the Hunting Party challenge is a cold-footed robot called A.I.M.

How to Get the A.I.M. Outfit in Fortnite

The A.I.M robot skin is a legendary outfit that is awarded for completing the Hunting Party challenge in Fortnite. To get the A.I.M skin, players must complete seven weeks’ worth of Battle Pass challenges throughout Season 6. Since we just reached Week 7, this means that players would need to complete every challenge that has been released so far. The A.I.M outfit will be a bit easier to unlock once the last few sets of challenges roll out in the weeks to come.

Fortnite Aim Bot Skin

The A.I.M outfit lets players take on the appearance of a robot that has frozen hands and feet. The outfit description reads “Scanning area for targets…,” which essentially pokes fun at the notion of “aimbots” that players use to auto-aim at opponents. This skin is part of the A.I.M. set, which also includes the E.L.I.M. Back Bling, a digital counter worn on your character’s back that tracks your total kills throughout each match. 

So, if you want to get your hands on the new A.I.M robot skin and back bling, you’ll need to start marking off any incomplete Battle Pass challenges from previous weeks until seven full weeks have been completed.

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