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How to Get a Freighter in No Man’s Sky

by Josh Hawkins

With No Man’s Sky NEXT finally here, players can take on the role of a fleet commander and start building up their own groups of freighters. To get started you’ll need to get a freighter in No Man’s Sky, which we’ll show you how to do right now. Once you know how to get a freighter in No Man’s Sky, you can begin to build up your fleet, unlock new storage options, and command everything from the comfort of your base.

How to Get Your First Freighter

One of the best ways to make money in No Man’s Sky is to get your hands on a freighter and start gathering up cool loot and items that you can sell. There are a couple of different ways you can get your hands on a freighter, though purchasing one outright will cost you a small fortune. The good news is, you can also acquire a freighter free of charge, all you’ll need to do is progress through the game a little bit, until you receive a distress signal in another system.

How to Get a Free Freighter

Getting your hands on a free freighter will save you millions in the long run—which will take a while to save up to on your own. Because of this, keep progressing through the game until you reach a point where you receive a distress signal from a freighter that is under attack. Head to the signal and kill all of the pirates attacking the freighter—all while being sure not to inflict any kind of damage to the freighter in the process. You want to keep the line of communication with them open and easy to work within order to gain their trust.

After you kill the final pirate, you should receive a new transmission from the captain of the freighter, inviting you to board the ship and parlay. Head onboard and make your way around the freighter until you find the captain. From here, talk to him and he’ll offer you the use of the freighter as a reward for saving all of them. Accept the offer and the freighter will become yours.

How to Get More Freighters

Once you have your first freighter, and have begun working with trade and other things, it’s time to start assembling a fleet of other freighters to amass even more riches and treasures. Keep an eye out for frigate symbols on the galaxy map, then head to those locations and communicate with the freighter captains. This will allow you to invite them into your fleet. If they accept your invitation, they’ll join your fleet, making it that much stronger. You’ll need to make a Freighter Command Room in order to make this happen, though, so look around the freighter and find a good spot for it.

You can access the Freighter base building menu by pressing Up on your D-Pad, or by pressing Z on the keyboard. Here you can select the Freighter Command Room, which will allow you to command your frigates and send them out on missions and other adventures. You’ll need to gather a lot of resources like Gold, Silver and Tritium if you want to build additional rooms on your freighter, so make sure you get out and start collecting those resources early on.

Now that you have the start of a fleet, make sure you learn how to complete fleet missions and head back over to our No Man’s Sky guide for more strategy, information, and content.


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