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How to get the FiNN LMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

by Lucas White

When Modern Warfare’s Season 5 rolled out, two new weapons were made available for folks willing to put the time into the new Battle Pass. This week, a mid-season update has been released, called Season 5: Reloaded. The primary additions for Reloaded are new ways to play and a seasonal event, but Infinity Ward did squeeze in a new weapon, the FiNN LMG. This light machine gun is proving to be pretty powerful, especially in the wake of the Bruen‘s recent nerfing. So since this isn’t a Battle Pass extension, you may be wondering how to actually get the FiNN into your inventory.

Modern Warfare FiNN LMG Guide

There are two different ways to get your hands on the FiNN LMG once you get the new Season 5: Reloaded update installed in Modern Warfare. The easy way to get it is to fork out some cash. You can find the FiNN LMG in the in-game store as part of the Mainframe bundle. This costs CoD points of course, but you’ll get other goodies in addition to the new FiNN LMG weapon. If you don’t want to bother with the in-game unlock conditions, this is the fastest way to get your hands on the gun.

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If you’d rather just unlock the FiNN LMG and get it for free, there’s a task you can accomplish to get it unlocked. It’s kind of an odd unlock condition, but in order to unlock the FiNN you need to play seven different online matches and get at least one melee kill while you’re using a different LMG. It seems like the kills count even if you don’t see the matches all the way through, so if you’re not feeling patient you can drop out as soon as you get your one melee kill.

The fanbase is responding to the FiNN pretty positively so far, thanks to its unique stats. Its drawbacks are range and fire rate, but those are balanced out by remarkably high accuracy and movement speed for a LMG. This can lead to loadout builds that might be unusual for this kind of weapon, but are still effective.

Have you already started diving in to what’s new in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Is Season 5: Reloaded proving to be a great mini-update, or are you looking for more to keep you playing? Let us know how your Modern Warfare game is going over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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