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How to Get Every Scavenger Hunt Item in Psychonauts 2

by Jesse Vitelli

Psychonauts 2 will take players on another scavenger hunt similar to the first one. You’ll need to collect 16 different items scattered across all of the overworld areas. Here’s how to get every Scavenger hunt item in Psychonauts 2.

How to Get Every Scavenger Hunt Item in Psychonauts 2

Agent Orientation Laserdisc


The Agent Orientation Laserdisc can be found in Otto’s Lab, which is direct across from The Motherlobe in the Quarry. 

Astronaut Ice Cream

The Astronaut Ice Cream is the trickiest one to find. You’ll need to head to the Nerve Center area of The Motherlobe. From here, look for a computer terminal in the center of the room that is green. It’s different from every other monitor in the room. Interact with it and look around for the next terminal that turns green, keep following this until the computer against the wall next to the entrance to Truman’s Grotto lights up. Go over to it and it will spit out the Astronaut’s Ice Cream. 

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

Once you make your way up to Cassie’s area in Green Needle Gulch, check out back of her house to find the Beehive Shaped Phone. 

Day Old Sushi

This is the first one you’ll be able to pick up. Head over to the Noddle Bowl section of The Motherlobe to find it sitting on the buffet of food across from the cashier. 

Unexploded Bomb

This one is found right near the entrance to The Questionable Area. In the Quarry right before entering The Questionable Area, there will be a campfire you can use pyrokinesis on. This will create a gust of wind that you can use to levitate up and reach a long plank of wood with the unexploded bomb sitting on the edge of it. 

Deck of Cards


In order to obtain this scavenger hunt item, you’ll need to have access to the Astral Lanes Bowling Alley. This is done through natural story progression. Once inside keep throwing the bowling ball from the ball return until eventually, it will spit up the deck of cards.

Viking Helmet

The Viking Helmet can be found in the Green Needle Gulch area. There will be a busted van on the way to Cassie Opia’s house. Hop behind the van to find the Viking helmet. 

Can of Corn

The Can of Corn can be found in The Questionable Area. You’ll need to head over to the yeti cavern next to the Aqauato family campsite. You can’t miss it, it has a giant Yeti cutout at the entrance. From here light the campfire inside and use it to reach the ledge above it. The Can of Corn will be sitting there.

Enemy Surveillance Device

The Enemy Surveillance Device can’t be obtained until you receive the Astral Projection ability. Once you have that, head back to The Motherlobe and go into the Artifact Storage closet the interns locked you in at the very beginning of the game. Use the Astral Projection power to open up the locked door inside revealing the Enemy Surveillance Device.  

Human Skull

The Human Skull can be obtained once you get the Funicular vehicles running in The Questionable Area. All you have to do is pick up the gears with Telekinesis and put them on the machine, no additional powers are required. 

Once you get that up and running the vehicle on its way down from the top of the hill will have the Human Skull on it. 

Mini Murder Bug Bot

This one is in Green Needle Gulch. When you reach the first dome where the Psychonauts used to hang out, head upstairs and around the outside of the building to find this piece on the back deck. 

Pyschonauts Name Plaque

This is an easy one to grab. In the Agents area of The Motherlobe, you’ll find this over the Storage door. 

Novelty Mug

In order to grab this, you’ll need the Astral Projection ability. Go to the Lumberstack Diner in The Questionable Area. On the right side, there will be a door that can be opened using this ability. Inside the Novelty Mug is sitting on a shelf. 

Switchblade Hatchet

You won’t be able to grab this one until you have the Time Bubble ability. Use it on the fast-spinning water wheel and hop up to the top of the roof to grab this. 

Signed Copy of Mindswarm


This one is not possible to get until you finish the game. Go to Cassie Opia in Green Needle Gulch after the game is over to ask her to sign your copy of Mindswarm.

 Psitanium Knife

This is found in The Quarry. Simply go towards Lili’s secret garden but make a left towards the giant cave opening. Head inside and hop up the rocks to find the Psitanium Knife on a pillar.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get every Scavenger Hunt item in Psychonauts 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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