Far Cry New Dawn adds a few new tricks to the series staples, and one of these is the need to collect Ethanol. Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn is a basic resource that’s required for almost all of the important upgrades in the game, and lets you craft new weapons and armor. In this article we’ll take you through the best way to get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Liberate Outposts

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol

The most basic method of obtaining Ethanol is through liberating outposts. There are a total of 10 you can attack across the map, and liberating one will net you 100 the first time, then 200 the second time, and finally 300 the third time. That’s already a sizable chunk, but you can earn an extra 50 by liberating the outpost without being spotted or setting off an alarm. Finally, you can also choose to scavenge the outpost for more supplies, which will hand it back to the Highwaymen and let you retake it later (at a higher difficulty).

Steal Tanker Trucks

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol

During your travels, you’ll certainly spot a few of these big vehicles being driven across Hope County by Highwaymen. All you need to do is stop the truck and kill the driver then jump in it yourself. Drive the truck safely back to one of your Outposts or the home base of Prosperity to net a good swig of Ethanol. If the truck gets damaged then use a Repair Torch to fix it, and consider hiring Nana to help you capture it next time. As one of the best shots you can hire, she’ll take out the driver for you without damaging the truck itself.

Raid Supply Drops

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol

You’ll be given an alert if a supply drop is ever landing nearby while you’re exploring, so take the chance to look for a plane in the skies. These will drop a box somewhere near your location, which shouldn’t be too hard to track down. Highwaymen will turn up to claim it, but if you deal with them the rewards will be all yours. Each crate will contain around 30-40 Ethanol, making this one of the quickest ways to earn it. Even if you’re focussed on another task, we recommend making a short detour for supply crates when possible.