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How to Get Essence of a Chosen in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

In order to reach the maximum upgrade level for each weapon enhancement in Darksiders 3, you’ll need to eventually get your hands on an Essence of a Chosen, which is an item that drops after defeating certain enemies. We’ll explain how to get Essence of a Chosen in Darksiders 3 so that you can create Balanced Enhancements for your weapons. 

How to Get Essence of a Chosen

Essence of a Chosen is an item that will drop from specific Chosen enemies who are scattered throughout the map in Darksiders 3. These enemies are essentially mini-bosses that are very challenging opponents to fight.  Each Chosen is hidden away in a room or chamber and finding them usually involves the use of a specific Hollow Form, or at the very least, some ingenuity on your part.  

How to get Essence of a Chosen in Darksiders 3

All Chosen Locations

There are several Chosen that you can find throughout the world. Defeating each of these tough enemies will grant you Essence of a Chosen, which you can take to Ulthane to upgrade your enhancements. Here’s where to find each Chosen foe:


One of the first Chosen you will pass by in the game is Agony, but you won’t be able to reach this mini-boss until you’ve obtained the Force and Stasis Hollows. In the building next to the West End Serpent Hole, you’ll find Agony on the top floor. Use the Stasis Hollow to climb up the elevator shaft in the adjacent building, then use the Force Hollow to roll across the crystals and reach the room with Agony.

Flame Warden 

The next Chosen enemy you can encounter early in Darksiders 3 is the Flame Warden, who is located within a hidden chamber just before the Blistering Bridge. Break the pots on the side of the room before the Blistering Bridge and crawl through the tunnel. Pull the lever at the end of the tunnel to reveal a hidden staircase on the opposite side of the wall. Return to the main room and locate the staircase in the hallway to find the Flame Warden. 

Corrupted Tomekeeper

This hefty Chosen is found in the Bonelands. Start by traveling to the Cargo Ship Serpent Hole. Make your way toward the poison area to the right. Use the Storm Hollow to travel across the wind tunnels to the other side. There is a Mansk at the top of the building that you can smack to move it to the ground. Continue hitting it to move it toward the walkway on the left. Climb up the Mansk and use the Flame Hollow to jump onto the roof and continue through the hallway to find the Chosen.

Templar of the Damned

To find the Templar of the Damned, start by traveling through the Forgotten Lake Serpent Hole. Equip the Force Hollow and jump into the water. Keep to the left side and find two crystals that you can hit to open a nearby gate. Swim up through the hole on the right and jump onto the ledge. Use the Force Hollow once again to roll up the crystals on the wall and reach the hidden chamber containing another Chosen.

The Grock

There is one more Chosen located in the Scar that you can defeat to obtain an Essence of a Chosen. To reach this mini-boss, hop onto the rusted conveyor swing and jump up onto the platform on the left. Staying outside, continue along the bridge and drop down into a room on the left to discover The Grock.

There is one more way to get Essence of a Chosen without having to fight a Chosen, and that’s by purchasing it from Vulgrim. However, the Essence of a Chosen will only become available after you have killed nearly all of the Seven Deadly Sins, so you can’t really get it until closer to late game.

Now that you know how to get Essence of Chosen in Darksiders 3, you will be ready to upgrade your enhancements when the time comes. Check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips, tutorials, and walkthrough content.

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