Nightwave Series 2 is one of the many activities players can experience in the popular title of Warframe. This activity focuses on the Warframe character of the Emissary known as Arlo. Arlo has been granted the power to heal the sick, revive the fallen, and cure the Grineer of their faults. Players can earn a specific type of standing from Nightwave Series 2 activities. If you are curious about how you can get more Emissary Standing in the high-profile title, be sure to check out everything you need to know about Emissary Standings in Warframe below. 

Warframe Emissary Standing

Players can earn Warframe Emissary Standings by completing Nightwave challenges. These challenges come in daily and weekly variations. There is also an elite weekly variation for the Nightwave challenges. Completing these challenges will reward Warframe players with the following amounts of Emissary Standing:

  • Daily Challenges - 1000
  • Weekly - 4500
  • Elite Weekly - 7000

Warframe Emissary Standing

However, these Nightwave challenges are not the only way Warframe players can earn Emissary Standings. You can also kill Zealot Heralds and Zealot Proselytizer. Eliminating these Warframe enemies will grant players a total of 50 Emissary Standing. 

Knowing how to earn Emissary Standing will help you make sure you have enough of this specific resource for all of your future adventures in the exciting world of Warframe