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How to Get Crime Tokens in Spider-Man

by Josh Hawkins

The latest iteration of Marvel’s Spider-Man is finally here, bringing a massive world full of villains and surprises for players to explore. As you play, you’ll be able to unlock new suits, upgrades and even craft certain items. One main component for unlocking new things are Crime Tokens, which can be earned by completing various activities around Manhattan. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get more Crime Tokens.

How to Get Crime Tokens

Crime Tokens are one of the most common tokens that players can earn as they play through Marvel’s Spider-Man and knowing how to get them will be very important to your success in the game. Crime Tokens can be earned by stopping different crime events around the city—sometimes these might include things like stopping a high-speed chase through the city, or even something as simple as taking out a group of armed convicts trying to start trouble.

No matter what the crime turns out to be, players can look to earn anywhere from one to three Crime Tokens depending on how they complete each crime event. Completing the event’s standard objectives will reward you with one Crime Token, where as completing the event as well as optional objectives will reward you with a total of three Crime Tokens. You can see the objectives for the crime event at any time by pressing R3 on the PlayStation 4 controller. Normally these side objectives will include things like using a certain attack type, completing the event without taking damage, or even completing the event before a certain amount of time passes.

If you can’t complete all of the side objectives, then don’t worry about it too much. There are a ton of crime events throughout the city for you to complete, so you shouldn’t ever find yourself lacking when it comes to Crime Tokens. You can learn more by heading back over to our Spider-Man guide, or you can check out some of our other guides, like how to earn Research Tokens or even how to solve the statue puzzle in Don’t Touch the Art.

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