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How to Get Coins Fast in Magikarp Jump

by Josh Hawkins

Coins are the main currency in Magikarp Jump, and if you want to improve your Magikarp’s abilities, you’re going to need to learn how to earn more coins. In this article we’ll break down the best ways to maximize how many coins you’re earning, and even going over how to get coins fast in Magikarp Jump, so you can start building up your wallet.

Purchase Decorations With Boosts

Decorations offer a wide assortment of different boosts, and if you want to really up the amount of coins you are earning, then you will want to look into purchasing Decorations like the Lampent Lamp or the S.S. Anne Model. While these items do cost Diamonds to acquire, they will give you an additional amount of coins for certain requirements, like leveling up, discovering sunken treasure, and more. It’s a great way to increase the amount of coins you earn along the way, which will help you start upgrading your food and training items much earlier on.

Exchange Diamonds for Coins

While this way isn’t exactly one of our most recommended ways, if you happen to have more Diamonds than you know what to do with, you can head over to the Diamond Shop and purchase some coins using some of your spare Diamonds. Like we said, this isn’t the greatest way to do it, but if you are struggling to get coins, and you don’t mind losing out on some Diamonds, then go ahead and pick up a Sack of Coins for your troubles. Just remember that this will cut down on the amount of Decorations and things you can buy.

Collect Achievement Rewards

So many games have achievements these days, and sometimes it can be easy to forget about them and never collect your rewards. Don’t let that happen to you, as the achievement rewards in Magikarp Jump will help you out quite a bit, especially early on in the game. So, when you see that number on your Menu button, be sure to open it up, select the Achievements area, and then find which reward you have acquired. Sometimes you’ll get coins, sometimes you’ll get Diamonds, and sometimes you’ll even earn rarer items that you don’t want to miss out on.

These are really the only three ways to increase the amount of coins that you’re earning in Magikarp Jump. But, if you use these three ways together, you can truly maximize the amount of coins you’re earning, and then you’ll be off and upgrading your items like nobody’s business. Be sure to also check out our guide on how to name your Magikarp, as well as our complete guide on the fastest ways to level up your Magikarp’s JP.

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