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How to get Captured Arc Energy in Destiny 2

by Lucas White

It’s Solstice of Heroes time in Destiny 2, and despite the pretty linear focus on the new armor sets, it’s a fairly complex event with a ton of little tasks to complete. While you’re primarily upgrading the event’s unique armor sets and opening up special treasure containers called Solstice Packages, to do that you have to partake in different activities. One bounty in particular has you collecting a resource called Captured Arc Energy, which many players seem unfamiliar with.

How to get Captured Arc Energy in Destiny 2

It’s actually pretty easy to get this stuff, even though Destiny 2 doesn’t do the best job communicating how to get it. All you need to do to collect Captured Arc Energy is to fight Fallen enemies with an Arc subclass equipped. There was some confusion earlier in the event about whether or not you need to kill the Fallen a certain way, such as with Arc (blue) weapons. But that’s not necessary.

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The thing that may have been confusing some Destiny 2 players is that Captured Arc Energy is not a guaranteed drop. Taking down Fallen with an Arc subclass equipped is the condition to get it, but it’s going to take some grinding before you get all you need to wrap up Eva’s bounty. You can knock this out along with other quests during EAZ runs, but that might take a while. It’s easier to think back to the beginning of the game.

If you go to the EDZ and just do laps around the church right where you touch down, there are Fallen all over the place. And they’re the weak early game variety, so you’ll be able to pop them off and grind kills with minimal effort.

That’s all you really need to worry about as far as Captured Arc Energy is concerned. It’s really just another little task Bungie has implemented to keep all the Destiny 2 players engaged with the game through the summer, in-between bigger happenings. Theoretically this is a bounty you can knock out alongside other, larger tasks, but it seems like it’s easier to just loiter around the EDZ church for a few minutes.

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