One of the most adorable teasers for Spider-Man: Miles Morales centered around a cat named Spider-Man. Yes, the cat’s name is also Spider-Man.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Spider-Man the cat has been stolen and it’s up to Miles to get him back. 

Getting Spider-Man back is simple enough, but it's only step one when it comes to unlocking the Bodega Cat Suit. 

How to Get the Bodega Cat Suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales 

If you’re looking to get the Bodega Cat Suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you’ll have to do two things. First, you’ll need to complete a side mission called “Cat’s Pajamas” and second you’ll need to beat the game’s campaign. 

The Cat’s Pajamas mission can be found in your phone alongside other optional missions. To access it, swipe left on the touchpad to bring up your phone and look through the missions until you find Cat’s Pajamas. 

Select it, then make your way over to Teo’s Bodega (the location will be marked on your map). 

After speaking with Teo and learning that Spider-Man the cat has been taken, a new prompt will appear on your map guiding you to the location where the lost feline can be found.

Work your way through the building, defeat the bad guys, then take Spider-Man the cat back over to Teo’s Bodega.

Teo will be extremely grateful to see his beloved cat again and will thank you for bringing him home. 

If you complete the Cat’s Pajamas mission early on in the game, you may be dismayed to realize that you aren’t given the Bodega Cat Suit upon the mission’s completion.

As noted above, the Bodega Cat Suit is a two-step item where you’ll need to complete the Cat’s Pajamas mission and also complete the game’s campaign.

Once you’ve beaten the game, you’ll get a prompt on your map that guides you back over to Teo’s Bodega and if you’ve already completed the mission, you’ll immediately earn yourself the Bodega Cat Suit. 

No strings (or webs) attached.

If you haven’t completed Cat’s Pajamas at this point, you’ll naturally need to complete it in order to earn the Bodega Cat Suit.

Doing it this way feels a bit more natural, but there are perks to completing missions earlier on to earn Activity Tokens as these can help you work your way through the campaign.

It’s up to you, but we personally recommend completing Cat’s Pajamas before you beat the game as opposed to afterwards.

So, what is the Bodega Cat Suit exactly? Well, it’s a casual suit with a backpack and inside that backpack is Spider-Man the cat wearing an adorable little Spider-Man mask on his face. 

Adding to the cuteness factor, the Bodega Cat Suit also comes with a special Finisher. When you use a Finisher wearing the Bodega Cat Suit, Spider-Man will pop out of the backpack and claw your foe in the face. What a little badass. 

Again, to get the Bodega Cat Suit you’ll need to complete the Cat’s Pajamas side mission and complete the game’s campaign. 

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