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How to Get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky

by Josh Hawkins

Before you can start using your hyperdrive to blast around to different systems, you’re going to need to find Antimatter in No Man’s Sky, which is the main fuel for your hyperdrive engine. The good news is, you’ve got the universe on your side when trying to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky. Today we’ll show you everything you need to know to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky so you can fuel your hyperdrive, as well as how to get more of it later on in the game.

How to Get Antimatter

After crafting your hyperdrive and flying out into space, you’ll receive a new transmission, telling you to head to a new marker on your map. Point your ship in that direction and speed your way towards it. Use your scan to find the marker and then land nearby. This will lead to an abandoned building.

Head inside the abandoned building and interact with the item inside to unlock a new blueprint and get your hands on the first piece of Antimatter that you’ll come across in No Man’s Sky. With the blueprint in hand, head back out. There should a cluster of Whispering Eggs nearby, which you can shoot open to find Larval Cores inside. These items will sell for a pretty penny, so grab them. Just be ready for a fight as Biological Horrors will spawn and come after you.

Now that you have Antimatter, let’s talk about how to make it yourself, cause you’re going to need a good bit of this fuel type if you want to be able to get around.

To make the Antimatter Housing, you’re going to need 50 Ferrite Dust and 30 Oxygen. This can easily be found by scouring the surface of planets. Ferrite Dust is one of the most basic items in No Man’s Sky, so you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting your hands on it.

When you have the Antimatter Housing, you can combine it with the Antimatter and make a Warp Cell, which will give your ship enough fuel for a warp jump. Go ahead and take your first warp jump and you’ll find yourself in a new system altogether.

How to Craft Antimatter

Once you’ve exhausted your first piece of Antimatter, you’ll need to start crafting Antimatter for your Warp Cells. To find this item, head to the new star system and a new beacon should come up when you scan. Head to it and you’ll arrive at a Planetary Outpost. These outposts are like planetary-based space stations, so you can talk to various aliens around and learn things about the system that you’re currently in.

Talk to one of the aliens here to acquire the blueprint for Antimatter, which will require 25 Chromatic Metal and 20 Condensed Carbon to craft. Learn how to make Chromatic Metal  for more information on that, and make sure you check out our No Man’s Sky guides for more in-depth information about the latest update for No Man’s Sky.


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