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How to Get Anjanath Gems in Monster Hunter: World

by Larryn Bell

To commemorate the anniversary of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4, players can unlock Aloy’s armor in Monster Hunter: World for a limited time. In order to craft Aloy’s armor set, players will need to get an Anjanath Gem, which is easier said than done. We’ll show you how to get an Anjanath Gem in Monster Hunter: World so that you can complete The Proving quest and craft Aloy’s armor set in a timely fashion. 

How to Get an Anjanath Gem

As the name implies, the Anjanath Gem is a high rank item that comes from hunting an Anjanath. To get the Anjanath Gem, players must carve it out from the severed head or tail of an Anjanath, which is revealed upon increasing your Anjanath research to level six. 

Even if you know how to get an Anjanath Gem, this doesn’t mean you’ll come across one very often. The drop rate for the Anjanath Gem is very low, so you’ll need to improve your chances by following a few steps.

To increase your chances of getting an Anjanath Gem, start by loading up a high-rank quest. Look through your investigations and choose ones that offer gold level rewards for hunting an Anjanath. The higher the quest level, the better your rewards will be.

monster hunter world anjanath gem

Once you’ve fired up a gold level quest, the next way to improve your chances for an Anjanath Gem is by severing the head and tail off of your Anjanath target. This may prove to be a bit tricky, as you don’t want to completely destroy the Anjanath during battle.

Focus your most powerful attacks on the head and tail only. Mount the Anjanath if you can, then put all your effort into breaking the head and tail rather than the body.

Once you’ve successfully broken the head or tail on the Anjanath, make sure to loot the forest floor afterward. With any luck, you’ll be rewarded with an Anjanath Gem for your efforts.

monster hunter world aloy armor set

How to Get Aloy’s Armor

Once you have an Anjanath Gem, you can now go ahead and craft Aloy’s armor set in Monster Hunter: World. Start by accepting a quest titled The Proving from the nearest quest board. For this quest, you’ll need to be at least Rank 11 and defeat an Anjanath in under 50 minutes.

monster hunter world aloy armor set

Here are the required materials for crafting Aloy’s armor set:

  • Nora Brave Trophy (x4)
  • Anjanath Pelt+ (x14)
  • Anjanath Nosebone+ (x6)
  • Anjanath Gem (x1)

Note that you’ll also need two additional Nora Brave Trophies, three Anjanath Fangs, five Monster Kneebones, and an Anjanath Plate if you wish to craft Aloy’s Bow as well. 

This special Horizon Zero Dawn event won’t last long, so be sure to carve out time to hunt those Anjanath and craft your Aloy armor set while you can. Head over to our Monster Hunter: World game hub for more guides, such as how to use the melding pot and how to use lucky vouchers.

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