How to Get and Use Postcards in Kingdom Hearts 3

Here’s where you can send off those Prize Postcards for some goodies in Kingdom Hearts 3.

As you explore different worlds and obtain new items in Kingdom Hearts 3, you will find yourself acquiring some special Postcards along the way. It may not be obvious at first, but you can actually “mail” these Postcards in exchange for new in-game items and materials. We’ll explain where to go to mail Postcards and what they’re for in the guide below.  

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Where to Send Postcards in Kingdom Hearts 3

In Kingdom Hearts 3, players can obtain Prize Postcards by purchasing items from different Moogle Shops found in each of the game’s various worlds. Postcards are more than what they sound like, however. Players can bring Prize Postcards to a specific mailbox in exchange for free materials. 

Where to mail postcards in Kingdom Hearts 3

To mail and use a Prize Postcard in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll need to swing by the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town, just ahead of the Tram Commons save point. To the left of the Moogle Shop window is a brightly colored mailbox where you can submit and redeem the Prize Postcards you’ve acquired. Upon doing so, you will receive some synthesis materials in return. 

The rewards for mailing Postcards are random, but it’s a nice way to stock up on some free materials during your adventure. You will usually receive some type of Shard, but you can occasionally get rarer materials like Orichalcum as well.  

If you hear Sora whining about finding a mailbox, make a habit of visiting Twilight Town every so often to mail any Postcards you may have in your inventory. While you’re at it, make sure you’ve found all the Lucky Emblems in Twilight Town as well to ensure you can unlock the game’s secret video when the time comes. Check out some of our other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides for more collectibles and tips. 

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