How to Get and Use the Grappling Hook in Ghost of Tsushima

The Grappling Hook is an extremely useful tool to have in your arsenal while playing Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima is a game where you can get new items and tools like the Grappling Hook in a relatively straightforward manner. Essentially, as you follow the game’s story, you’ll be constantly rewarded with items and experience.

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You can even keep track of the rewards you’re going to get as they’re shown on the map when hovering over that mission.

If you’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima for a while now and are wondering how or when you’ll get the Grappling Hook – or you have it and are wondering how to use it – we’ve got you covered! 

How to Get and Use the Grappling Hook in Ghost of Tsushima

To get the Grappling Hook in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll first need to play through a solid chunk of the game’s main story.

Specifically, you’ll need to complete Yuna’s missions, rescue her brother Taka, and complete Ryuzo’s missions. 

Following Yuna and Ryuzo from mission to mission is extremely lucrative as you’ll receive a number of rewards and skills for your time, like the Grappling Hook.

Below, we’ve listed the names of the missions you’ll need to complete in order to get the Grappling Hook.

  • The Warrior’s Code 
  • The Broken Blacksmith
  • Hammer and Forge 
  • The Tale of Ryuzo (Ryuzo)
  • The Iron Hook 

With those missions you’ll help Yuna, rescue her brother Taka, meet up with Ryuzo, help Ryuzo find food for his men, and then rescue Ryuzo’s men from a Mongol camp.

Once you complete the final mission, you’re free to run around with your Grappling Hook. 

Note that if you get lost or turned around while working your way through these missions, you can open your map and look for the gold mission marker to get back on track.

Now that you have the Grappling Hook, how do you use it? 

Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is find and familiarize yourself with places where the Grappling Hook can be used. Look for objects and areas with rope or ribbon.

For example, you may see rope wrapped around a tree branch or a ribbon on the corner of a tall building, giving you access to the roof.

If you see something you think you can use the Grappling Hook on, slow down and plan your grapple carefully.

To successfully grapple you’ll need to jump towards the grapple point, then quickly press R2 to connect with your target. 

While grappling, you can swing back and forth in order to jump to a nearby ledge, or you can grapple, hold it, and climb up the side of a rock or building.

You can even use your swinging grapple to swing from one grapple point to another swinging grapple point.

Again, when you jump, make sure you press R2 quickly. Don’t hesitate, or you may fall!  

The Grappling Hook is a great way to access areas previously inaccessible to you containing secrets, collectibles, and items, like at the Ariake Lighthouse.

You can also use the Grappling Hook to save time working your way through the game’s world if there’s a ledge you want to quickly climb up in order to get to the next area.

In short, the Grappling Hook is a nice option to have available, especially if you want to collect every single piece of gear in Ghost of Tsushima.

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