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How to Get the 21% Delirium Machine Gun in Destiny 2

by Prima Games Staff

Season of the Drifter introduces three new Pinnacle weapons for Destiny 2 players to earn, and each of them requires quite a bit of work. One of the most sought after among these is the 21% Delirium Machine Gun. This beastly weapon is built for Gambit encounters and will no doubt be a lot of fun to use. This article will teach you how to get the 21% Delirium Machine Gun in Destiny 2.

How to Get the 21% Delirium Machine Gun

Those hoping to unlock 21% Delirium will need to complete two main tasks: Finish the By Your Bootstraps quest, and earn the Notorious Hustle Triumph. To get the ball rolling, you first need to visit The Drifter in The Tower. He’ll give you the By Your Bootstraps quest which you can then view in the Pursuits tab of your inventory.

By Your Bootstraps only asks you to complete the Notorious Hustle Triumph, which is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Look up the Triumph in the section dedicated to Gambit and you’ll find the following conditions which need to be met:

  • 75 multikills
  • Envoys and Primevals defeated
  • Infamy rank reset

The first two of these tasks are pretty simple, and will occur simply though playing Gambit repeatedly with your fireteam. The real challenge here is in gaining Infamy. Resetting your Infamy level takes a long, long time, and requires you to win an awful lot of Gambit matches. Expect to be spending several weeks on this unless you’re a Gambit savant. 

The good news is that grind away for long enough and no matter how good or bad your Gambit skills are, you will eventually be able to reset your Infamy rank. Focus on other Gambit tasks while you slowly work your way towards this goal and the grind will be much less frustrating.

Once you’ve reset your Infamy rank, simply turn in the From Your Bootstraps quest to be rewarded with the 21% Delirium Machine Gun. It’s a great weapon that comes stacked with two excellent perks, Overflow and Killing Tally. The first will reload with extra ammo capacity whenever you pick up Special or Heavy ammo, and the second means kills with the weapon increase its damage until you stow or reload it. Once you do unlock this monster, enjoy ruining people’s day in Gambit with a grin.

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