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How to Form Alliances in Sea of Thieves

by Josh Hawkins

Up until now, players wanting to form alliances in Sea of Thieves had to rely on the honor system, hoping that their would-be friends didn’t turn on them the moment that the option was presented. Now, with the Cursed Sails update, players can form real alliances. When you form an alliance in Sea of Thieves, it allows crews to share in the wealth of their journeys. Here’s what you need to know to start setting up alliances in Sea of Thieves.

How to Form Alliances in Sea of Thieves

If you want to partner up with other sailors making their way across the sea, then you’ll need to look into purchasing and raising up a pennant, which basically tells other crews that you’re looking to partner up with them and form an alliance.

The pennant acts similar to a ship flag, flying high above your ship on the mast. This item is good because it’s a visual indicator that you’re looking to team up with others, so you can also look around for other pennants, which should tell you which ships in your part of the sea are looking to form an alliance as well.

When you’re out on the sea and you’re ready to form an alliance with someone, there are a couple of different things you’ll need to do to get things set up.

First, head up to the top of your ship’s crows nest and interact with the flag box here. Make sure to select the pennant from the Alliance Flags section. This will allow you to “Offer an Alliance” to other ships you meet.

Once this is done, approach the other ship that has the “Offer Alliance” pennant raised as well. When you’re close, change the pennant to “Join Alliance” and then the alliance between the two ships will be formed, allowing you to share in each other’s wealth and experience as you embark on journeys across the see.

The good things about alliances is that more than two ships can join up with them as well, giving you the chance to really form a fleet of vessels capable of taking on any challenge that you come across during your time on the high seas.

Now that you know more about how to form alliances in Sea of Thieves, make sure you head back over to our Sea of Thieves guide for more in-depth strategy material, as well as check out our guide on how gold sharing works with alliances to dive deeper into the details surrounding the new alliance system.


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