How to Fix the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Font

We love you Square Enix but why

Today Square Enix released the first three entries of its Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, bringing the very first Final Fantasy games to a full HD and unified (but still 2D) style. While folks generally seem pleased with the look, one issue has been standing out: the font. The English text in these games is weirdly squished, making it hard to read for some players. Luckily, if you have these games on Steam there’s an easy way to address this problem.

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All you need to do is rename some files. Via the Steam library UI, you’ll need to get into each game’s local files, then rename the Japanese text files to English, and vice-versa. This will still default the game to English text, but the width on all the letters will be wider, and much more legible. Here’s the step-by-step on how to manage this.

  • Right-click your Final Fantasy game of choice, click Properties or highlight Manage
  • In Properties, click the Local Files option and then click the Browse button
  • If you use the Manage option instead, simply highlight and click the Browse Local Files choice
  • In the local files, navigate to the FINAL FANTASY_Data folder
  • Navigate to the Streaming Assets folder

For the sake of staying safe, you want to backup the following files within the Streaming Assets folder: 

  • font_en.bundle 
  • font_en.manifest
  • font_ja.bundle
  • font_ja.manifest

Once you have these files backed up, rename the “en” files to “ja,” and vice-versa. You have to swap the names, because deleting one set will cause issues launching the game. After you do that, simply launch the game and the English text should look a lot better!

Thoughts on the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series as it stands, or the text weirdness? Let us know what you think on Prima Games’ Facebook or Twitter feeds!


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