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How to Find the Terminator 2 Easter Egg in Doom

by Prima Games Staff

Doom has its fair share of Easter Eggs, but one of our favorites pays tribute to James Cameron’s 1991 classic, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Here’s how you can find this simple Easter Egg, and put a little smile on your face as you burn alive. Ouch!

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Finding Lava in Doom

First, you’ll want to find a stage with some lava in it. This will usually come around the second or third stage, where you’ll find a large mass of it with some pipes and platforms above.

Now, normally, you want to avoid the stuff, because it’ll burn you alive and cost you a life if you’re not quick enough to get out. However, for this particular Easter Egg to work, you’ll need to make the sacrifice.

Once you find the hot stuff, go ahead and jump in. Ignore the warnings to your shield and everything like that, because it’s supposed to happen. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD for the Terminator 2 film, so proceed with caution. You’ve seen the movie, right? Of course you have! 

Getting a Thumbs Up in Doom

Now comes the hard part to accept – dying. Yes, your character will catch on fire as you sit in the lava, and eventually succumb to his wounds. However, just before you croack, you’ll see your character give an iconic thumbs up as he burns, similar to what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character did in the film as he was lowered into the molten steel.

Sure, dying doesn’t do you any good, but it’s an awesome little Easter Egg for fans of the movie. Give this a try in Doom, and don’t worry – you’ll be back!

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