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How to Find Solanium in No Man’s Sky

by Josh Hawkins

Solanium is a rare resource in No Man’s Sky that players can find and make use of to craft several recipes. It’s a very difficult resource to find Solanium in No Man’s Sky, so getting your hands on it will be easier said than done. The good news is, you can do a few things to speed up the process, so let’s dive in and go over some easy ways to find Solanium in No Man’s Sky.

How to Find Solanium in No Man’s Sky

The easiest way to get your hands on Solanium is going to be to look for one particular type of planet. The good news is, you won’t need to land on each individual planet in order to figure out what type of resources it has available on it. Instead, you can easily scan each and every planet that you come across as you explore the galaxy, finding what type of items you can get your hands on by exploring the different worlds.

The easiest way to discover what kind of resources you’ll be able to find on planets, is to fly close to them, aim your ship directly at them, and then press the Scan button. This will trigger a planetwide scan that will not only discover the planet, give it a name, and tell you what type of environment it has, but it will also go over the types of resources that you could likely find on the planet.

This gives you a really easy and useful way to sort things and check out the different resources a planet has available before you commit to exploring it. Once you find a planet that has Solanium on it, you’ll want to land. Make sure to manually save in No Man’s Sky before trekking out too far, and then hop out of your ship and take off. Make use of your scanner while on the ground to look around for Star Bulbs, as well as a purple icon.

Finding the purple icon will give you a nice way to locate the Solanium that you’re looking for, as well as allow you to easily and quickly work your way around the planet without taking up too much of your own time. This should allow you to find it quickly and efficiently, so that you can start gathering it up and making use of it for the various recipes you need it in. You can also look around for Solanium at particular trade terminals, but it’s going to run a pretty penny because of how rare it is.

Now that you know how to find Solanium more easily, head back over to our No Man’s Sky guide for more helpful information.


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