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How to Find The Password For Jinfeng’s Computer in Sifu

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of secrets to find in Sifu. These range from finding shortcuts in levels to finding collectibles to fill in more backstory on bosses and other characters in the game. Here is how to find the password for Jingfeng’s Computer. 

How to Find The Password For Jinfeng’s Computer in Sifu

Jinfeng’s computer becomes accessible in the fourth mission, “The Tower”. After making your way up the elevator to meet the CEO Jinfeng, she will vanish after a brief conversation and send some guards after you. Beat up the guards and interact with the computer. From there you’ll be locked out until you find the password.

In order to get the password, you’ll actually need to leave this level and go back to level two, “The Club.”

Make your way through the second level as normal until after you clear out the dance floor. Take the shortcut access door on the right-hand side, but inside of going through the door on the left to progress through the level, head up the stairs past the door.

Head upstairs and follow the hallway. You’ll need to take out some enemies along the way but keep going until you reach the tech room. A dude with glasses will be standing in front of a soundboard and will not attack. After having interacted with Jinfeng’s computer for the first time a dialogue option will become available. This will allow you to obtain the hacker’s key from the tech dude.

Now head back to “The Tower” and repeat the same steps until you have access to the computer again. 

Use the newly acquired key to open the computer. This will activate a safe inside the office to open up. Look to the right of the computer to see the safe protrude from the wall and go over to interact with it. 

This will give you the Artist’s Key, which can be used in the third level, “The Museum.”

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Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the password for Jinfeng’s Computer. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.  


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