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How to Find an M4A1 in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

Back when we first started playing DayZ in May of 2014, players could find an M4A1 just about anywhere. Things are different today, as there is only one place this elusive weapon can be found in modern day Chernarus.

Today we’re going to go over two different strategies for how players can get their hands on the M4A1. One of them relies heavily on luck, while the other only somewhat. We’re sorry, but if an M4A1 is the ultimate goal, players will need some luck no matter how they look at it.

Searching Helicopter Crash Sites

Unfortunately, both of our methods of finding an M4A1 are high risk and low reward, and searching for helicopter crash sites is about as low reward as it gets. Sure, if players find one that hasn’t been looted the rewards can be great, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim. What’s far more likely to go down is a gunfight between two parties that have yet to realize their fighting over a weapon that someone else already picked up.

Still, for the bandit survivor who is determined to get an M4A1, most of the helicopter crash sites are on the west side of the map, and our article on how to find a V3S truck is the fastest way to check them all. Yes, we’re suggesting that players abandon their search for helicopter crash sites in order to find a vehicle. Once some wheels have been obtained, pull up the DayZ DB map and start hitting all of those crash sites.

Kill Someone and Take the M4A1

As silly as it sounds, all of our M4A1 finds in recent months have come off the bodies of people we killed for one reason or another. Granted we don’t care enough about actually getting an M4A1 to spend any serious time searching the crash sites, but still, there’s usually one kicking around Elektro or Cherno.

This is another example of the risk being bigger than the reward, as someone with an M4A1 is likely to be ready to kill on sight to ensure they keep it. Who can blame them? We’re here telling people to kill them in order to snatch away their gun.

Don’t server hop trying to find someone with this weapon. Instead, play the game the way the developers intended. Once players hear the sounds of the M4A1, they should move in for a closer look and ensure that it’s not an Steyr AUG Automatic Rifle, as the two sound nearly identical at this point.

If (and this is a big if) players manage to kill someone with an M4A1, then loot their body of the gun and all the cool attachments, it’s probably time to get clear of the high traffic areas, then spend 20 minutes taking cool screen captures of their new toy. Just don’t be butt hurt when someone shoots you for no other reason than wanting your weapon.