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How to Find a Gun in Dying Light

by Prima Games Staff

One of the selling points of Dying Light is how satisfying it is to bash in the skull of a problematic zombie. Part of that is because we like to hit things in the head, and another juicy reason lies within the game’s vast selection of melee weapons. It’s these deadly devices that will be the primary choice for players throughout their time in Harran, although there are still some other fun weapons to play around with.

By fun weapons we mean guns, and there are plenty for players who know where to look. For example, our friends over at Shacknews do a fine job of showing gamers where they can find a handgun, but we’re going to take a broader approach.

As they’re free running through the streets of Harran, players will most likely spot some abandoned emergency vehicles. These are a really good place to find firearms before they are automatically introduced into the story, but often require players to pick their locks to get inside.

Since nobody would find it entertaining to simply search for and break into police cars for hours on end, just keep an eye out for them while going about the business of completing the main story missions and side quests. If a vehicle happens to sit in the way of the current objective, check inside to see if someone left a gun behind.

The best way to find lots of guns is to wait for the story to introduce them, which first happens during Mission 4: Pact with Rais. Crane will be sent out on assignment, and at one point will need to locate a missing patrol. It’s around this time that a crazy gun-toting survivor will start shooting at him from a low rooftop, and killing this man will allow players to climb up and retrieve his Police Rifle. Use this weapon sparingly since there isn’t likely to be a lot of ammunition laying around until finding guns becomes a more common occurrence during Mission 6: The Pit.

There is one more rock solid way to get Crane’s hands on a firearm, and that is to reach Survivor Rank 9, at which point they’ll start being sold by various vendors around Harran, such as those located in the Tower. Reaching this level won’t be easy without completing the main story missions, but players can also work on side quests to help hurry things along. Surviving night pursuits (or even the night itself) will also help bump up Survivor Rank, but honestly it might be faster to just unlock them by playing through the main campaign missions of Dying Light. After all, even if a vendor is selling a gun, that doesn’t mean players can afford to buy it.

For more information on Dying Light players should feel free to check out our free walkthrough.

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