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How To Find Giovanni In Pokémon Go

by Jesse Vitelli

With the Pokemon Go Team, Rocket Celebration players are defeating the leaders of Team Rocket. However, one leader is especially evasive and that’s Giovanni. Here’s how to find Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go

Every time you defeat a Team Rocket member you’ll earn a Mysterious Component, which after collecting six will transform into a Rocket Radar. This item will let you track down Team Rocket members in Pokemon Go. 

In order to find Giovanni, you’ll need to complete the Looming in the Shadows research tab. after completing this research branch you’ll be given a new item. This item is the Super Rocket Radar, which allows you to track Giovanni’s location at all times.  

Now, this item will track Giovanni and allow you to hunt the man behind Team Rocket down. You’ll come across many Rocket Grunts disguised as Giovanni but you can simply swipe the Poke Stop to reveal their true identity without having to battle them.

Keep doing this until you finally find the man himself. After that, it’s time to battle the leader of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni. 

Finding and defeating Giovanni will net you a very powerful shadow Pokemon that you can choose to purify if you like. 

Well, that’s everything you need to know on how to find Giovanni in Pokemon Go. if you still have any questions be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.