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How to Find Every Ghost in Destiny: House of Wolves

by Prima Games Staff

Bungie’s Destiny still consumes hours from our lives. Whether it’s multiplayer in the Crucible or finishing up the story missions with friends, there’s plenty to do.  This is especially true when it comes to collectibles. The original version has 20 Gold Chests and 62 Dead Ghosts to find. The Ghosts are especially cool because reviving them unlocks Grimoire Cards and boosts a player’s Grimoire Score. 

The new Destiny Expansion 2: House of Wolves comes with nine Dead Ghosts in need of revival, spread throughout the universe. This guide tells you where to find them all, which Bungie split up between Earth, Venus and the new Queen’s Bay location in the Reef. 

Cosmodrome, Earth 

To track down this Ghost, head to the Cosmodrome during the Silent Fang mission. You’ll revisit the place where you first began your Destiny adventure, with all those rusted vehicles. When you exit the tunnels and see these cars, immediately turn around and jump onto the platform. Head all the way to the right and look into the busted window to snag the Ghost. 

From here, kick off the Ruling House mission. Towards the end you’ll walk into an area with some Russian on the walls. Look up and pan the camera until you see a busted wall. Jump to this area, go right and you’ll see the Ghost. 

There is another Ruling House mission Ghost, so don’t be so quick to beat the quest!  Look for it in the final area.  See the sphere and structure above it in the center of the room? The Ghost is all the way on top, and you’ll need to do a bit of jumping to reach it. 


While on the Queen’s Ransom mission, take the jump pad, and when you reach the top of this new location, turn around and go to the edge of the platform. Jump to the platform directly ahead and you’ll find the Ghost around back. 

Now onto the second Ghost you’ll find on Venus. Same area as the first! Explore a bit until you happen upon the center platform. See the vanishing objects? Jump across, then walk around back to find the Ghost in a dark corner.

Of course it makes sense that the remaining Ghost resides on the furthest platform in this area. Travel to the far right until you see a flag, then look just beyond the flag to see the Ghost. 

Queen’s Bay, the Reef 

For the first Dead Ghost, head over to Brother Vance (Trials of Osiris) and walk right past him towards the wall perpendicular to his location.  Access the ledge on this wall (closer to Brother Vance) to find the Ghost. When you reach the wall, you will need to turn right and go down a ways to find something to jump onto so you can reach this ledge. 

On to the second! Walk up to Variks (where you take part in the Prison of Elders) and immediately go right. You’ll see something covered with a blue tarp, and then another object on top of it. Jump onto this object, then look to the left and hop onto Varik’s hut. You’ll find the Ghost on the roof. 

The final Dead Ghost in Queen’s Bay is beneath the main area on a metal platform. Head back to the main platform and position your Guardian so he or she is directly above this platform, then safely drop down onto it. 

Jump into House of Wolves with the Welcome to the Reef quest, then collect all 20 Gold Chests in Destiny!

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