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How to Find the Dusty Divot Treasure in Fortnite

by Josh Hawkins

Fortnite’s Week 7 Challenges are now live, giving players with the Battle Pass even more things to work on and accomplish. If you’re looking to max out the Battle Pass and complete all of the challenges, then you’ll need to learn how to find the Dusty Divot Treasure, which can be done using a special treasure map. We’ve got all the details, so let’s dive right in.

How to Get the Dusty Divot Treasure Map

Getting your hands on the Dusty Divot treasure map is going to be as simple as jumping into the game and making your way over to Dusty Divot—the large crater that now resides where Dusty Depot once sat. While the depot isn’t here anymore, there’s still plenty to explore as the crater has become more and more filled with trees, and even some warehouses. Look for the map inside of one of the warehouses, and you’ll be given an image to follow.

Now, since the map is considered one of the more difficult things to solve, players can expect to get a full tier worth of points for solving the riddle and finding the Battle Star that is hidden at the end of the hunt. Just make sure you’re ready for a fight, as the challenge is going to be high priority for many players right now.

Once you have the treasure map, your next goal is going to be to solve the location that it mentions. The treasure map itself should lead you northwest of Dusty Divot, to an area located somewhere around the F4 and F5 borders on the map, near a small curve in the river that flows through the center of the northern portion of the map.

Here you will want to keep an eye open for a grouping of three trees just north of the stone head statue near the bend in the river. Make your way up to the trees and then head between them to find a small spot in the center. You can search for the Dusty Divot Treasure here. Once you find it, you’ll complete the Battle Pass challenge associated with this treasure, putting you one step closer to completing the current Battle Pass in Fortnite.

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