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How to Find Dazzabel in Yo-Kai Watch 2

by Prima Games Staff

In this feature, we will tell you how to find and befriend Dazzabel in Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. Dazzabel is an E ranked Charming Yo-Kai that can either strike with her parasol or use her Inspirit ability to draw the attention of enemy Yo-Kai. Her Inspirit ability is especially useful if you have a Tough Yo-Kai nearby. She is a very solid choice for your team… if you know where to find her.

Take a look at your Yo-Kai line-up. Pretty impressive, yes? It is probably balanced with plenty of coverage for almost anything that the game can throw at you. However, something is still missing. You have the strength and the finesse, but what about the style? Well, the answer to that is obviously Dazzabel.

Go to the Gourd Pond Museum

You may want Dazzabel on your team, or you need her to fulfill a quest objective, but you searched and can’t seem to find her. Where could she be? Thankfully, she is closer than you think, but certain conditions must be met. 

The short answer… she is located inside of the Gourd Pond Museum on the second floor. However, she only appears at night, so you must progress the story to at least when you start locating Mirapo, the teleporting mirror Yo-Kai, around the world map. 

Once you can start zipping around the world with Mirapo, head into the museum during the day and locate Mirapo. He is near the entrance and not too hard to find. After that, head back home and sleep until night, or just wait outside until time does its thing. Once it is night, use a Mirapo to warp into the museum and head upstairs to look for Dazzabel. Be sure to bring sweets like Cheesecake with you; it is her favorite type of food. Before you know it, you will befriend Dazzabel, and your Yo-Kai team will be even more fashionable. 

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