If you’re going to be the baddest outlaw around, then you’re going to want to get your hands on the best horses, weapons and other gear and that means knowing how to find the Arabian Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. Having a great horse can be the difference between a successful escape and certain death, which is why you’ll want to get the Arabian Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s one of the best horses in the game, so you’ll want to find it as early on as possible. This article will outline everything you need to do to find the Arabian Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to Find the Arabian Horse

If you want to capture the Arabian Horse and add it to your collection of noble steeds, then you’re going to need to head up to Lake Isabella, around the northwestern edge of the game map. Once you’re inside of Ambarino, look out for a stark white horse. Of course, since the area here is covered in snow, make sure you bring along the right clothes to keep you warm along the way.

Now, as one of the best horses in the game, capturing the Arabian Horse isn’t going to be easy. Not only do you need to track this stark white beast through the snowy wilderness, but you’ll also need to approach it slowly before trying to wrangle it. We’d suggest not trying to lasso this beast, as it’s very unruly and you’ll find yourself with more trouble to deal with as you have to track it down again.

When you’ve found the Arabian Horse, approach it slowly, careful not to spook it. When you’re close enough, use Square or X to calmly pat it. Once the beast is relaxed, go ahead and mount it. Be ready for a fight when you mount it, though. In fact, we’d suggest wrangling some other horses beforehand to get used to the system and how it all works, as you’re going to need to break this horse if you want to be able to ride it.

Once you’ve mounted the Arabian Horse, all that’s left to do is guide it along in the direction that the game prompts until it is completely broken. With the beast broken, it’s time to saddle it up and then start making use of the Elite tier handling and ratings that it has available. Keep in mind that finding this horse and breaking it won’t be easy, so be ready for a fight and always come prepared.

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