There are a lot of favors and side quests for players to complete in God of War, and if you want to complete the game and earn that Platinum trophy, then you’re going to need to know how to find all three dragons and free them. This can be a tricky task, but we’ll show you everything you need to know to find all of the dragons and free them in God of War.

How to Find and Free all Dragons

There are three different dragons in God of War and freeing them works the same for every dragon. First, you’ll need to find the dragons, at which point you’ll discover a rune-locked set of chains. To unlock the chains you must find the runes scattered around each area, while also defeating enemies and surviving the dragon’s attacks.

How to Free Fafnir the Dragon

The first dragon we’ll show you how to find is Fafnir. This name might seem familiar if you’ve completed the mission to go into Fafnir’s storehouse, and it is absolutely the same Fafnir that you’re thinking about. You can find this massive beast along the north-eastern side of the Lake of Nine, behind the tower that leads to Alfheim. You’ll need to wait for the water to be lowered a second time to head here, but once you can, make your way into the area to meet your first dragon.

To free Fafnir you’ll need to find three runes, which will allow you to break the chains holding Fafnir down. The first rune can be found to the left, up a path. The second run is found along the main path, to the left as well. Finally, the last run you need to break here can be found on the right, in the upper level of the area. Break them all and then head down and interact with the chain to free your first Dragon.

How to Free the Veithurgard Dragon

The next dragon can be found in Veithurgard, a region that lies east of the Lake of Nine. From the main dock, head up the central path and continue down the middle to find the dragon waiting high atop a cliff.

There are three runes here that you’ll need to break to free the dragon. Look for the first rune by running up the path towards the dragon. Cut a hard left and look for this run at the edge of the cliff ahead. Now, approach the dragon and then cut to the right to find this rune a short distance up the way. To find the third rune, head to the far left of the dragon toward several stones.

From here, head right and you should spot a bridge with several golden rocks blocking it. You can break the rocks by throwing your axe at the chain holding an explosive pot up above the rocks. To get a clear shot, head past the rocks nearby to reach a spot you can throw your axe from easily. With the rocks cleared, continue across the bridge and then you’ll need to input the correct runes—T and R, N and F—and then make your way through the now unlocked doors and onto the plateau where the dragon is. Destroy the last rune and then return to the chain to free this dragon.

How to Free the Konunsgard Dragon

The final dragon in God of War can be found in Konunsgard. To free this massive beast, you will need to finish all of Brok and Sindri’s favors. Once those are done, you’ll be tasked with heading to Konunsgard. Make your way there, then head past the massive double doors to find a labyrinth waiting to be explored. Take your time and explore this area to find all the goodies it holds.

When you’re ready, you’ll need to find three more runes to bust this dragon out. The first rune is easy to spot, as it sits right out in front of the dragon. Destroy it and then look for the second rune. The next rune is to the left of the dragon’s location, inside of a cave. Make sure to bash it to pieces.

Finally, the third rune is one of the most difficult you’ll have to go after during this journey. To find it, you’ll need to get through a rune-locked door that requires you to ring three rune bells at the same time. This can be a tricky thing, so pay careful attention to the instructions we’re about to give.

In order to ring the bells, you’re going to need to throw a Sap Crystal from the nearby World Tree root into the cage on the left. Now. There should also be a crystal next to the bell on the right. The idea here is to shoot both those crystals, then throw Kratos’ Leviathan Axe at the center bell. If you time it correctly, you should ring all three bells at once, unlocking the door and clearing the path forward.

With the door opened, head forward and lower the bridge. Continue up the path and around the corner to find this final rune. Break it to pieces and then return to the dragon and free it.

Finding and freeing all of the dragons in God of War will reward players with the Dragon Tear, a legendary material that can be used to upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages Talisman. You can head back over to our God of War walkthrough and guide for more information and strategy content surrounding God of War.