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How to Find All the Cats in Destiny 2’s The Dreaming City, Unlock Reverie Armor

by Josh Hawkins

The Dreaming city is one of the newest places that players get to explore in Destiny 2: Forsaken and as the secret city of the Awoken, there are quite a few secrets that can be found within the confines of this new area, including finding the cats. If players are looking to collect the full set of the Reverie armor, they’ll need to find and appease several cats, which are hidden around the Dreaming City. This article will outline the locations of all the cats that are hidden in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2 so you can find the cats and collect the Reverie armor.

All Cat Locations

At the time of this writing, there are currently eight known cats hidden around the Dreaming City. Once players find these cats and give them a small gift, they will be rewarded with a piece of the Reverie armor, a set of powerful armor that increases player damage whenever you are patrolling or taking part in activities inside the Dreaming City. This armor also has a curse, though, in that players will receive more damage when wearing it, unless they remove the curse—therefore just leaving the positive effects behind. The first step of the journey, though, is finding all the cats, so let’s dive in and go over their locations below.

Cat #1

The first cat in the Dreaming City can be found behind the temple of the Oracle in the Spine of Keres. Start your journey at the Divalian Mists and then head straight forward through the cave on the left-hand side—the cave full of blue crystals. Head across the gaps in the track and stick to the left-hand side of the arena that you enter. This should lead you directly to a path leading up the side of the arena. Continue heading forward along this path, crossing over the bridges you come to, and then up a set of stairs. Continue through the blue crystal tunnel ahead and look up to the left, you should see a hole in the wall. Jump up to it and down the other side to find this cat tucked away on a ledge.

Cat #2

The next cat that you can find in the Dreaming City can be found near the top of the temple of the Oracle in the Spine of Keres. From the Divalian Mists, head forward and through the tunnel on the left of the blue crystal. Now, continue forward, over the gaps in the path, and across the area to the oracle room that you need to visit to make an offering to the Oracle. Once here, look out for several balconies and jump up them to the highest area in the room. Make your way to the end of the hallway here and you should find this cat near a window.

Cat #3

To find the third cat in the Dreaming City, head to the Divalian Mists and make your way straight from the spawn point. Continue forward, to the cliff where the blue crystal cave sits off to the left. Look over the edge of the cliff here and you should see a small series of ledges. Follow these ledges to find a cave that you should lead you right to this cat.

Cat #4

You can find the fourth cat in the Dreaming City by making your way into Rheasiliva from the Divalian Mists. Once you arrive, head past the door that leads over to the Blind Well and look out for a path that leads deeper into the mountain. Follow this path until you reach an open segment with several crates and canisters. Move to the left, following the ledges that circle around and jump across the gap to the right. You should now come to another set of ledges which wrap around the inside of the mountain, leading you up a path to another gap with more ledges. Keep following these ledges until you reach a blue statue. You’ll find this cat at the feet of the statue.

Cat #5

To find the fifth cat in the Dreaming City, players will need to make their way to Harbinger’s Seclude, the large temple near the back of the Rheasiliva. From the temple entrance, head inside and make your way into the temple’s depths. Continue deep into the temple until you pass by a massive statue in the middle of the room. Turn to the right in the next room you enter and look for a hallway. Head down the hallway to find a room with a large tree inside. The cat can be found at the top of the tree.

Cat #6

If you want to find the sixth cat in the Dreaming City, then you’re going to need to make your way deep into the Rheasiliva. From the outside of the temple, head inside and make your way down the main path. Continue beyond the statue, and down the hallway—ignore the room with the tree this time around—and make your way into the massive underground cave. Here you can find a building off on the right. This cat can be found on top of the roof. Make use of the rocks nearby to read the roof and scoop up the cat.

Cat #7

You will find the seventh cat in The Strand. Head up to the garden area, making a brief stop at the lookout point. Here you should be able to climb up the cliff and reach a high ledge, where you will find this cat next to a tree.

Cat #8

The eight and final cat that has been found in the Dreaming City can be found by visiting the Garden of Eslia. Starting from The Strand, make your way into the Garden of Eslia—the place south of the circular pattern—and head through the crystal tunnel and up the path. Hang onto the left-hand side of the path and you should see a couple of large rock formations ahead. The second formation has a series of ledges that you can climb up to reach a tree at the top. Look for this cat underneath the tree.

Now that you’ve managed to find all eight of the cats, you’re going to need to find their offerings. Once you have the offerings, return to the cats and complete them to unlock the Reverie armor. You can return to our Destiny 2 guides for more in-depth strategy content, including guides on how to farm Dark Fragments and more.


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