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How to Fast Travel in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

In Just Cause 4, players must travel to the fiction South American country of Solis, where they will fight firsthand against the Blackhand mercenary group. Featuring the largest map that the Just Cause series has ever included; many players will want to learn how to fast travel in Just Cause 4, to make getting around the country easier. Here’s what you need to do to unlock fast travel in Just Cause 4.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

While there are plenty of ways to get around the world in Just Cause 4, if you’re looking for a speed transition to the other side of the country, then there are some options available to you. While we personally prefer grappling, parachuting and wingsuiting our way around the world, we understand that sometimes you just need to get somewhere as quickly as possible. That’s where the pilot system comes into play.

Unlike many games, Just Cause 4’s fast travel system is not based around points you unlock around the world. Instead, it’s based on a pilot system, which requires not only pilots to fly you around, but also a specific cooldown period for each pilot.

To unlock your first pilot—and thus unlock fast travel—players will need to continue through the game until they unlock the Illapa Project mission in the Wachikuni region. To unlock this mission you will need to first complete the Wanay Extraction mission which tasks you with freeing several civilians and then escorting them away from the ranks of the Black Hand mercenary group. With this mission completed, you should gain access to the Illapa Project mission. Complete it and then you will unlock your first Pilot.

Now, as we mentioned above, the pilot system works a bit differently than traditional fast travel systems in video games. You won’t be able to fast travel at will as much as you want, as each use of the fast travel system will result in a pilot being used and thus needing to refuel their plane. This leads to a short cooldown period, which you can counter by getting more pilots. Of course, that takes time so for the time being, make sure your use of the pilot system counts.

Now that you can fast travel around the world, make sure you head back over to our Just Cause 4 guide for more helpful content to assist you on Rico’s latest journey.


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