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How to Expand Home Storage to 2,400 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Morgan Shaver

The holiday update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons not only brings joyful items like the Yule Log, it also gives players the opportunity to expand their home storage.

We’re not just talking about adding a room and making your home bigger, we’re talking about expanding the maximum storage on a complete home and it’s pretty rad.

How to Expand Home Storage to 2,400 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The new max storage capacity for your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is 2,400. This is in reference to a complete home with all rooms with a loan that’s been paid off.

You won’t be able to expand your home storage to 2,400 if you’re still working on adding rooms as these will need to be completed first, and you’ll need to pay off your home loan first before Tom Nook will allow you to purchase expanded storage.

With all criteria met, head over to Resident Services and run through the following steps: 


  • Talk to Tom Nook

  • Select: About my home

  • Select: Expand my storage

  • Pay 500,000 Bells upfront 


While expensive, paying that 500,000 fee will increase your max home storage up to 2,400 items, allowing you to cram more stuff into your home like wallpaper, flooring, clothing, etc.

Note that the expanded storage won’t be available to you until the following day, although you can time travel and access it immediately if you desperately need it.

To confirm your home storage has expanded to 2,400 head to your house and open up your home storage to view the items you have stored.

At the bottom left corner, you should see how many items are in storage and underneath that number, the total storage capacity.

After expanding your storage, that storage capacity should now read 2,400.

To recap, you can expand your home storage on a completed home that’s been paid off by visiting Tom Nook and paying him 500,000 Bells upfront. 

The following day, your max home storage will expand to 2,400. 

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