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How to Exfil in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

by Jesse Vitelli

Call of Duty Zombies has had many different iterations over the years, each game with new additions to the mode. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you can now exfil if you find yourself overrun by zombies. This allows you and your squad to get out and get some bonus rewards if you can hold out until help arrives. 

How to Exfil in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

It’s important to note you can’t even try to exfil until round 10. Once you hit round 10, you’ll hear some audio telling you if you need to get out, you can request extraction. This can be done on round 10 and every five rounds after that. 

Once you call in for exfil, you’ll have to survive a few extra waves of zombies while help arrives, and these rounds aren’t easy, so it’s best to think about when to exfil a few rounds ahead of when you actually need to. 

You can find the exfil center in the starting area of the map. There’s a crate that allows you to call for extraction. 

On a round where exfil is possible, you’ll see a radio icon on your screen. Follow it until you come to the area where you can activate it. Now all there is left to do is wait. 

After this, make your way outside to where the Quick revive perk is found on the map. This is where the helicopter will show up when the time comes. You’ll want to get your entire squad on board to obtain the extra rewards. 

Be ready because the game is going to throw everything it has at you. That means Zombies, Plaguehounds, and everything in between. 

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