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How to Earn SHD Tech in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

You’ll need to get your head round a few different in-game currencies in The Division 2, one of which is SHD Tech. These aren’t a premium currency, which means you can earn SHD Tech simply by playing the game. SHD Tech is used to unlock Perks and Skills to power up your character, meaning they’re it’s pretty important as currencies go. In case you’re not sure how to get your hands on this valuable resource, this guide will take you through how to earn SHD Tech in The Division 2.

SHD Tech can be earned from a quite a few different sources in The Division 2, but by far the simplest way to get it is by playing through the story mode. Even if you’re not fussed by the story, you can simply skip through the cutscenes as you go, so you might as well blast through it for some easy SHD Tech.

If you’re really not keen on tackling the story, there are a few other ways to earn them. You’ll get a bunch whenever you level up your character, but the really lucrative rewards are from Side Missions. Some of these award up to five SHD Tech for a single mission, which is a huge amount. If you’re going to playing online, team up with some friends and take these on for quick results.

You can also earn SHD Tech by tracking down SHD Cache locations. Each time you discover a new Safe House, interact with the table to add an SHD Cache location to your map. Explore the area to find the Cache and you’ll net a nice bunch of SHD Tech. You’ll likely be tracking down Safe Houses anyway as they’ll act as your fast travel points, so you might as well snag the SHD Cache associated with each as well.

Once you’ve built up a bank of SHD Tech, return to the White House and visit the Quartermaster to spend them on new Perks and Skills. It’s an odd RPG mechanic, so it’s easy to forget if you’ve been saving them up for a while. Make sure to check back with the Quartermaster every level or two to make sure you’re upgrading your abilities when you can.

You’ve now learned how to earn SHD Tech in The Division 2, but there are other currencies to understand too. Click here for our guide on how to earn e-credits fast in The Division 2.

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