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How to Earn More Gold in Thief (2014)

by Prima Games Staff

Thief is a game built almost entirely around the concept of stealing. With this in mind, there are times that players will find themselves short on gold while trying to make a purchase. Yes, there are some things in the game you can’t steal. Visits to the Shady Merchant or Queen of Beggars always end up costing more gold than originally planned.That said, here are four ways to earn more gold in Thief.

Complete Client Jobs

One of the easiest ways to earn more money is by visiting Ector and Vittori. Each will offer you three different jobs. The catch is that you unlock each job as you progress through the game. Lucky for you, Client Job 1: Hand Tailored is available after Chapter 1: Lockdown. Completing this job, including all Thieving Challenges should earn you quite a nice return. If you still need more gold, return to the city momentarily and then restart the job. You can complete the job as many times as you want, earning at least 265 G by collecting all loot items.

To begin this job, find Ector in Stonemarket. When you exit your Clock Tower hideout, follow the street as far as you can to the north, where you will find Ector’s Emporium. If you would like to see how this job can be done flawlessly, check out the video below.

Loot The City

The City is a large place made up of many areas. One of the best ways to fill your pockets with gold is to find a district and pick it clean. There’s no shortage of apartments or houses that you can sneak in and out of, leaving nothing but empty cupboards and drawers.

When you set about looting someone’s home or office, be sure to pop in and out of your Focus ability. This will highlight objects or areas of interest that might be otherwise overlooked. Pay special attention to paintings or buttons on the walls; they often hide safes and secret passages. In addition, be sure to look up to the ceiling of every room. Covered vents are common, frequently leading players to other areas hiding expensive and collectible loot.

Complete Thieving Challenges

Thieving Challenges are basically a series of optional objectives for each chapter in the game. They also apply to all of Ector and Vittori’s client jobs as well. Each completed challenge will reward players with a large quantity of gold. How much gold depends on the challenge. Easy challenges, like 1 Kill or Knockout, tend to offer smaller amounts, while more difficult challenges, like Lift All Loot Items, can bring in larger sums.

It should be noted that not all Thieving Challenges can always be completed on one play through. Take Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur for example. One of the challenges is No Kills or Knockouts, while another is 1 Aerial Takedown. These are in direct contradiction of one another. If you need some gold fast, go for the challenge that gives you the largest sum of gold, saving the other for a second run at a later time.

For a complete guide to all Thieving Challenges, including how to complete them and how much gold is awarded, check out the Prima Games eGuide.

Become a Pickpocket

This particular bit of strategy involves picking people’s pockets, as well as trying to be thrifty with your resources. Many of the people — guards and civilians — who are walking around The City carry one or more coin purses on them. These items can be stolen from these individuals, leaving them unharmed and unaware they’ve been robbed. You can also take the person down, stealing their valuables when they’re dead or unconscious. No matter which option you choose, don’t shoot them with one of your many arrows. Shooting someone with a Broadhead Arrow worth a cool 15 G isn’t smart, especially when you only snag a 7 G coin purse from their corpse.

Picking people’s pockets can be done in the game’s side jobs, client jobs and chapters as well. In fact, it’s often a Thieving Challenge to pick a certain number of pockets. Recall how we mentioned Ector’s Hand Tailored client job earlier on? By stealing all five coin purses in that job, you not only get to keep the gold from the people you pick pocket, you also get an additional 90 G for the challenge. Even though picking pockets isn’t going to get you rich, it might help you afford that extra arrow needed for a boss fight.

Whether you choose to try one or all of our ideas to earn more gold in thief, your pockets are sure to be much heavier going forward.

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