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How to Earn More Cash in Battlefield Hardline

by Prima Games Staff

In Battlefield Hardline, cash is King. Want to buy a new weapon for your Mechanic loadout? You’ll need some cash. You want to deck that gun out with a sleek looking suppressor and angled grip? Keep that wallet open. In fact, even unlocking the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask will require some cash, and by some we mean $10 million.

Where Battlefield 4 put an emphasis on your score per minute and earning points, Battlefield Hardline works on your cash per minute. Don’t worry, they’re essentially the same thing, but in addition to cash being the way you rank up in Battlefield Hardline, it’s also used as a currency to purchase new weapons and gadgets.

Is there a best game mode to earn cash?

Currently, the best game mode to earn lots of cash is Hotwire. No other mode allows players to earn a hefty sum in every round, while also not requiring them to put in a lot of effort. In fact, earning cash in Hotwire is as simple as getting into one of the marked cars and holding the objective. Whether you’re in the driver’s seat or hanging out the window engaging the enemy, doing this for most of the round can earn players anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. Of course, if your team sucks and you aren’t able to consistently hold an objective, those numbers could be much lower.

How can I use boosts to earn more cash?

There is a way to bump up the amount of cash you earn even if you’re already playing Hotwire, and that is to use the in-game Boosts. There are many different kinds, and not all will be beneficial at any given time, but they can also help you triple your points cash in some cases. For example, a 200 percent boost to your objective score is essentially tripling your cash for that round. Equip it, then get into one of the marked cars and hold the objective. If you were getting the 15 point/cash cruising bonus, this is now a 45 point/cash cruising bonus. Not bad for backseat driving.

How can I earn even more cash in Hardline?

Since it appears you are the greedy type, we’re going to let you in on a long-running Battlefield secret about maximizing your points and cash rewards. The key to earning lots of cash in Battlefield Hardline (whether you’re playing Hotwire, Blood Money or something else) is to play the objective. Don’t worry about your kill-to-death ratio or hitting that headshot from your groovy little sniper campsite. Get up off your butt and move to the objective. Defend the objectives you hold, take the ones you don’t and care more about winning than your own personal statistics.

I earn lots of cash, so why am I always broke?

In a nutshell, stop spending money. Cash can be hard to come by in Battlefield Hardline, and some rounds might have you earning $2,000 or perhaps even less. If you go out after every game and buy a new weapon or gadget, you’ll never get ahead.

It goes against our love of trying new things, but pick your go-to class and weapon, then stick to it for a while and don’t spend any money. Once you have a solid gun in each class as well as the necessary gadgets, there is no need to buy things that don’t specifically suit your play style.

If you’re struggling to put some wins on the board and maximize your cash earnings in Battlefield Hardline, be sure to take a look at our multiplayer tips for beginners, then pop on over to our tips for the more advanced, veteran players of the Battlefield franchise.

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