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How to Earn Influence Quickly in Forza Horizon 4

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re looking to progress in Forza Horizon 4 and unlock even more events and things to take part in, then you’re going to need to earn more Influence. Influence directly affects what types of events you have available, and you’ll need to earn it to unlock the ability to take part in all the different Horizon festivals. Here we’ll show you how to get more Influence fast in Forza Horizon 4, which should help you unlock more events, cars and upgrades.

How to Get More Influence in Forza Horizon 4

Getting Influence in Forza Horizon 4 isn’t exactly that difficult of a notion. Most of the things that you do in the game—from just driving, to complete stunt jumps, danger signs, and even finding collectibles and completing races will reward you with some amount of Influence, and often CR (which acts as the in-game currency for new items and vehicles). If you want to earn Influence quickly, though, there are a few things that you can do to up your Influence intake, so here’s what you need to know.

Watch Mixer Streams

Being a Microsoft game, it makes sense that Microsoft is going to push some of their other useful applications and things. Like many games, Forza Horizon 4 comes with a way to link your accounts easily, and if you’ve linked your Mixer and Microsoft accounts, you can actually start streaming Forza Horizon 4, or just watch some of the streams currently available on the platform. Doing so will reward you with some extra Influence, making it easy to farm for Influence while you complete other tasks. Not really into watching streams? All you need to do is start the stream and then mute the tab. Easy Influence.

Explore the World

One of the easiest ways to earn Influence is just by driving around. Forza Horizon 4 is made up of a massive map of the UK and there is a lot out there for you to explore. Just driving around and exploring the world is a fantastic way to earn Influence while also getting you closer to finding all of the barn finds in the game, which will give you even more options for vehicles and Influence. There are around 531 roads to explore and drive around on, and it’s perfect if you just want to see the world and enjoy the driving mechanics that Forza Horizon 4 has on-hand.

Collect More Cars

Each and every car that you unlock and acquire in Forza Horizon 4 will reward you with more Influence for your driver. Collecting more cars will unlock a higher level for your Car Collection, which is great for giving you more options for things to drive as well as more options for Influence. This is a great passive way to add more Influence to your account, while also building up your own collection. Two birds, one stone.

These are just three of the best ways to earn Influence quickly in Forza Horizon 4. As we mentioned above, there are a ton of ways to earn Influence in Forza Horizon 4, and you shouldn’t ever have any issues building up your Influence. Just enjoy the game, have fun driving around, and get into everything that you find. You can check out our other Forza Horizon 4 guides for more guides, as well as information to help you out as you strive to rise through the ranks of the Horizon Festival.


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