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How Does Shared Wisdom Work in Destiny 2? – Answered

The Shared Wisdom of having friends

by Daphne Fama

The Season of The Serap has come to Destiny 2, and Guardians across the solar system are flocking to the tower and the nearby planets to see what’s new. While there’s naturally several new questlines, and even new crucible modes for players to tangle with, the battle pass has also drawn attention. The battle pass for Destiny 2 offers both free and premium players a chance to unlock the new seasonal exotic as well as ample resources and new, season-limited cosmetics.

But grinding through those levels can be a slog, especially once your start of the week bonus has worn off. Fortunately, there are several ways to accelerate the process. If you have the premium battle pass, you gain XP bonuses as you gain battle pass levels. But there’s also a way for free players to increase how much exp they earn.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the Shared Wisdom buff.

How Does Shared Wisdom Work in Destiny 2? – Answered

Shared Wisdom is a buff that you’ll gain when you’re in a fire team. This buff, similar to the weekly reset buff, Well-Rested, increases how quickly you gain experience points. But unlike Well-Rested or the season pass buff, Shared Wisdom only offers a 2% bonus to the experience you gain. But this stacks with exp buffs from other sources, allowing players to obtain levels a little more efficiently.

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The way to obtain this buff for yourself is to either join or form your own fireteam. You don’t need a full squad of three to gain the bonus, but you and your buddies do need to engage in actual activities to benefit for it. So, complete Season of The Seraph’s new story lines, grind out Vanguard bounties, or hit the crucibles and watch those levels pop.

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