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How Does the new Warzone King Slayer Mode Work?

by Lucas White

Today marks the release of a new update to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare umbrella. Season 5: Reloaded brings a pretty good chunk of new content to the game, alongside a limited-time seasonal event we covered previously. One of the more intriguing new additions is a new way to play in Warzone, called King Slayer. While using the Verdansk map and other familiar battle royale trappings, King Slayer changes a lot of Warzone’s core gameplay.

Warzone King Slayer Mode Guide

As we all know, a battle royale game sees dozens of players dropped onto an enclosed space, which only becomes more enclosed over time. Players get one chance to be the last one standing, and the idea is that quick, dynamic gameplay makes the small winning margins digestible. Warzone is very much one of those. Dropping Call of Duty players on the massive Verdansk map, closing a circle on the field, and giving the winning player (or team) a rush for their efforts and luck.

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King Slayer turns the traditional battle royale setup into a Team Deatchmatch mode. Everyone drops like normal onto Verdansk, but the player base is split into teams, and being gunned down isn’t a round-ender. Instead you earn points for getting kills, and eventually a “King” is established as the top performer. Taking the King down nets bonus points, and the crowning of a new ruler. As king, your position will be revealed on the mini-map, but in exchange you get free Killstreaks to try to maintain your power. Also, instead of closing down on the field to increase the survival-flavored pressure, the circle moves to new locations as the game progresses. 

In sum, the new King Slayer mode in Call of Duty: Warzone is an attempt to make a hybrid gameplay mode, combining the flavor, map, and pace of Warzone with a traditional Modern Warfare Team Deathmatch framework. The mode is out today, so your best bet is to just jump in and see how it feels to play! It doesn’t seem like the mode is a limited-time deal, so there should be time to practice.

Are you excited to try a new way to play in Call of Duty: Warzone? Or are you more of a battle royale traditionalist? Does King Slayer’s mode combination sound like a good time to you or would you rather see something else? Let us know what your opinion is over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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