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How Do You Enter the Dlala Code in Battletoads?

by Morgan Shaver

In Battletoads, there’s no shortage of things to do from hip-hopping combat to playing local co-op with your friends. If you’re a fan of completing achievements and earning points, you’ve likely been running through the list of achievements in Battletoads and crossing things off.

If you’re confused about the Dlala Code achievement in Battletoads and need a bit more clarity on what it is that you need to do, we’ve got you covered! 

How Do You Enter the Dlala Code in Battletoads?

One of the achievements you can unlock in Battletoads is “The Dlala Code” which will net you an easy 5 points. The description for this achievement tells you to enter the Dlala Code, but it doesn’t explain where and how to do that. 

Where do you enter the Dlala Code? What is the Dlala Code, and how do you enter it? First, you’ll need to watch the credits in the main menu (you’ll also unlock an achievement for watching the game’s credits).

It’s in the credits area that you’ll enter the Dlala Code, but only when you see developer Dlala Studios pop up. Dlala Studios is, in and of itself, a clue as to what the Dlala Code is. D-L-A-L-A is the clue which translates to the following inputs: 

  • D-Pad Down
  • D-Pad Left
  • A
  • D-Pad Left

You can think of the Dlala Code as (D)own, (L)eft, (A), (L)eft (A)gain. Clever, right? Enter this code as Dlala Studios makes its way up to the tops as the credits scroll and you’ll be able to unlock The Dlala Code achievement. 

With this achievement, you’ll earn 5 points, and will be on your way towards getting 100% completion in Battletoads. 

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