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How to Destroy the Evacuation Ship in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

In most first-person shooters, when a team is declared victorious, it signals a short break before the start of the next round. A few brief moments to rush to the refrigerator and refill your drink. In Titanfall, when one team wins, it means the mini-game within the game is about to begin.

Although the Epilogue doesn’t have the highest stakes, it is a place to complete challenges, earn a bit of extra XP and even unlock an achievement. While the losing team must make their way to the evac ship, board it and make their escape, the winning team is tasked with stopping them. Since the game’s launch, many players tend to neglect the latter.

Since getting to the Evacuation Ship is fairly straightforward, we’re going to focus on destroying it. If you are on the losing team, keep in mind you can earn the Refuge achievement by surviving and getting out alive.

If you’re on the winning team, there are two ways to emerge victorious in the Epilogue. First, you can kill all the opposing team’s Pilots, earning the I killed Them All achievement if you get all six. One of the most effective ways to do this involves heading to the Evacuation Ship and cutting them off.

The second way to come out on top in the Epilogue is to destroy the Evacuation Ship itself. This is much easier than tracking down and killing all six Pilots individually. To pull this off, you generally need three Titans engaging the ship. You can pull it off with two, making up for the loss in firepower with help from Pilots or by using the Atlas Titan’s Damage Core.

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